CC Students Assist Refugees While in Greece

Classmates on Campus Help Raise $2,250 for Supplies

Stephanie Kelly '18 hands out supplies to a refugee and her child in Victoria Square in Athens, Greece. Kelly was a member of Lisa Hughes' Block 2 class.

The 25 Colorado College students taking Lisa Hughes' interdisciplinary course Romantic Comedy: The Birth, Death, and Re-birth during Block 2 in Greece were struck by the plight of refugees, and vowed to help. With broad support from CC students, faculty, staff, alumni, student clubs, and athletic teams, the students raised more than $2,250 to buy necessities for the refugees fleeing through Greece. The CC Chaplain's Office handled the money and served as the liaison for the funds raised.

Kendall Rock '15 worked with The Salvation Army in Athens to determine what the refugees most needed. The students then purchased and distributed supplies such as diapers, toys, baby wipes, feminine napkins, hand sanitizer, snacks, hats, socks, backpacks, and rain and cold weather gear to the refugees in Victoria Square in Athens.

"Even as we studied romantic comedy from its birth and rebirth in the Mediterranean, we considered the sea as a character, with all of its ambiguity and capacity for death and rebirth," said Hughes, chair of CC's Comparative Literature Department. "The Mediterranean in particular both separates people and connects them, and we saw how much the sea can be a source of connection and life and hope. And we wanted to be a part of that." The course explored the development of representations of love and comedy from Homer and Plato to contemporary cinema.

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