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CC Remains Unthreatened by Flooding

Colorado College remains unthreatened by the flooding that has occurred in other parts of the city and state. There are no creeks or other major water conduits overflowing onto campus and, while there is usually some temporary water buildup on neighboring streets during heavy rains, campus officials are not aware of major issues, disruptions, or flooding of the streets occurring immediately adjacent to campus.

The college did have water build up on some of the flat roofs, which is usually caused by drains becoming clogged with debris. Facilities and Residence Life staff cleared those as soon as they were reported.

Basically, the college is dealing with similar situations that many faculty and staff homeowners face. However, the college has not had floods in the context that other parts of Colorado or Colorado Springs have experienced in the last two days.

The Colorado Springs Police Department and the City of Colorado Springs have asked that persons stay away from creeks and ditches during weather conditions that can cause flash flooding. Never attempt to cross an area that is flooding and watch local information sources for updates about flash flood watches and warnings.

Colorado College Campus Safety has flood safety tips posted on its website.

Report an issue - Last updated: 12/16/2020