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CC Receives $509,000 Mellon Grant for Language Studies

Colorado College has received a two-year, $509,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to build on the success of a previous 2009 award to invigorate the languages and to integrate them more fully into the college's broader curriculum. The 2011 Mellon grant, like the 2009 award, will provide funds to encourage the language faculty to create new approaches for teaching languages and to develop placement and proficiency tests.

The grant also will support faculty members from across the disciplines who want to achieve greater language proficiency and incorporate language study into their courses. As part of this project's second phase, Colorado College will build on the recently established language-based area studies program in the Mediterranean by using it as a model for structuring other language-based area studies programs in Asia and Latin America.

Another program is the continuing development of language study "boot camps." These courses are targeted toward students bridging high school and college language or those who are picking up a language after a lapse in study. Faculty members started teaching Spanish "boot camp" classes last year and plan to develop similar classes in French and Latin. A longer-term goal is to train additional adjunct faculty and the college's cultural program coordinators (native language speaking staff who live in and oversee the campus language houses) to teach some of these classes.

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