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CC Has Five Fulbright Semifinalists – Possibly a Record

Colorado College has five current students who are Fulbright semifinalists this year, one more than the four semifinalists the college had last year. It is believed to be the most Fulbright semifinalists the college has ever had. Approximately 10,000 applicants vie for about 2,000 available student grants (broken down to 925 study/research awards and 1140 English Teaching Assistant awards). One Colorado College student is a semifinalist for a research grant and four are semifinalists for the English Teaching Assistant awards.

Roy Jo Sartin, CC's fellowships coordinator and Writing Center specialist, says the ETA applicants' "projects" are determined for them, in that their project is to assist in an English-language classroom, while research applicants propose an individual research project of their own design. However, all applicants, research and ETA, must propose a specific method for engaging the broader community.

Here are the CC semifinalists and excerpts from each candidate's proposal:

  • Amanda Cahn '17, ETA semifinalist for Indonesia. Cahn would like to "connect with the larger community by volunteering with a local organization that promotes women's health . . .such as Planned Parenthood in Indonesia and The Indonesian Women's Coalition for Justice and Democracy."
  • Theodore Corwin '17, ETA semifinalist for Germany. Corwin hopes to engage through "cooking and sharing meals with neighbors, students' families, or chance acquaintances. . .because it allows exchange of cuisine, a powerful cultural aspect" and "because bonding over meals was instrumental in my home life. As my mother was a chef and my father manufactured dining room chairs, dinner was sacred in more ways than one."
  • Thomas Roberts '17, study/research grant for Germany. Roberts hopes to "study German Idealism at the Free University of Berlin and conduct a qualitative survey of the various roles that memorials take on in contemporary Berlin; culminating in a report that synthesizes these two inquiries and aims and make Germany's efforts at historical reconciliation relevant to an American audience."
  • Madelene Travis '17, ETA semifinalist for Serbia. Travis is "interested in gender and human rights and hope[s] to work with a Serbian organization such as the Centre for Girls in Nis or the Anti-Trafficking Action ASTRA in Belgrade," possibly using her "quantitative research background in a supplementary project" for these NGOs such as "spatially analyz[ing] and map[ping] which communities are most in need of their services."
  • Sidharth Tripathi '17, ETA semifinalist for Czech Republic. Tripathi hopes to learn "more about how Czech people value family through their traditions," since in his own upbringing, "Christmas and Easter [are] holidays that have showed me the importance of family." He also is interested in partnering with La Strada, an anti-human trafficking NGO, about facilitating presentations to students.

Last year's Colorado College competition semifinalists were:

  • Matt Liston '13, ETA grant for Jordan. Liston was awarded the ETA grant and currently is in Jordan.
  • Dontene Bonnet '16, ETA grant for Germany.
  • Aaron Chin '15, ETA grant for Germany.
  • Camilla Vogt '13, study/internship grant for Mexico.

Sartin notes that making it to the semifinalist round is a significant accomplishment in the Fulbright competition. "This means that their applications were forwarded by the Fulbright National Screening Committee to the Fulbright Commission or U.S. Embassy in the host country for final review." She says that finalists/awardees are notified later in the spring, and that notifications vary by country.

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