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CC geologists present research at Geological Society of America meeting

Two professors and two recent graduates presented their research at the 118th annual meeting of the Geological Society of America. Approximately 6,200 geoscientists attended the meeting, held October 22-25 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Henry Fricke, professor of geology, presented his research based on recent studies that indicate that short-term variations in climate occurred over western North America during the early Eocene. His research suggests the existence of dry intervals that predate a known cool period in the Bighorn basin. Melissa Barton '06 presented research conducted in conjunction with Fricke in which they addressed the ongoing debate concerning whether the Rocky Mountains eroded after the Laramide orogeny and subsequently underwent a third orogeny or whether they simply remained high throughout the Cenozoic.

Jessica Creveling '06 presented research conducted in conjunction with Paul Myrow, professor of geology, in which they revealed an improved isotopic record of the late Devonian, and ALFIE, a new positive carbon isotopic excursion of the late Fammenian.

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