CC Filmmakers on Rocky Mountain PBS

Colorado College students and recent alumni curated and produced the entire second season of Rocky Mountain PBS's "In Short: Student Films from Across Colorado." The 10-episode season, which airs every Monday night through Dec. 3, is a series of documentaries produced in partnership with CC's Film and Media Studies program to support and promote the work of up-and-coming filmmakers.

The season began Oct. 1 with an episode featuring stories about exploring and navigating various traumas through creativity. The second episode featured coming of age stories; stories about learning from one's mistakes, going through hard times, and embarking upon the unknown.

Upcoming episodes include:

  • Oct. 15: "Found Family" Two films that show what it is to find intimacy and love in one's community; the first as three individuals struggle to break the cycle of poverty and addition, and the second that features Happy Cats Have, a local nonprofit.
  • Oct. 22: "Crossroads" The episode features stories about people or landscapes at a crossroads. A single decision can have serious consequences.
  • Oct. 29: "Dedication" These documentaries feature unique people dedicated to equally unique pursuits, such as the man behind the construction of Bishop Castle in Southern Colorado and one of the country's great women barrel racers in a town just south of Colorado Springs.
  • Nov. 5: "Space and Spirit" A collection of four films about places that define our spirits and vice versa.
  • Nov. 12: "Family Ties" Stories that show how family can affect every part of our lives, including documentaries on a restaurant in town run by a Chinese immigrant family and a family with a son and daughter with Dandy-Walker Syndrome.
  • Nov. 19: "Untold Stories" Two films that showcase unusual perspectives, including the transition prison guards have experienced in the different ways of treating prisoners and a transgender woman searching for acceptance and meaning.
  • Nov. 26: "Dramatic Impact" Four films that showcase the vitality of the human spirit, including a young woman's attempt to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics.
  • Dec. 3: "Distilled Existence" These two films highlight when life takes on a special clarity, such a fly-fishing obsession or tackling one of the toughest and most secretive ultramarathons in the world.

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