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CC Emeritus Trustee Jerome P. McHugh Passes Away

Colorado College Emeritus Trustee Jerome (Jerry) P. McHugh passed away Monday, April 4, in Denver. The significant contributions of McHugh and his wife, Anabel, who survives, have had an enormous impact on Colorado College and the lives of its students. The family's generosity has helped make possible Colorado College facilities such as the CC Cabin in Florissant and the Baca Campus in Crestone, as well as the McHugh Distinguished Chair in American Institutions and Leadership in the Political Science Department.

McHugh, who was president of Jerome P. McHugh & Associates and its operating affiliate, Nassau Resources, became involved with CC immediately after his son Jerome P. McHugh Jr., '80 enrolled in 1976 - nearly 40 years ago. McHugh was elected a charter trustee in 1980, the same year his daughter, June McHugh '84, started at CC.

"This is one of the truly great liberal arts colleges in the United States, and our family believes we're fortunate to have it in Colorado. That's why we want to support it to the maximum of our ability," McHugh said in 1985.

From the beginning McHugh made his mark on the college. He was a member of, and later chaired, the college's buildings and grounds committee. There he helped lead the effort to design a strategic 30-year plan for the development and renovation of the campus. The Campus Master Plan took nearly four years to complete, but the efforts paid off.

In the mid-80s, McHugh helped chart the course for Colorado College's "Campaign of the 80s" fundraising drive, which raised $50 million and added significantly to the college's endowment and facilities. He later served on the Campaign Executive Committee of the "Campaign for Colorado College," an $83 million effort. He also served on the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, chaired the Nominating Committee, and was a member of the Investment Committee.

One of the lasting gifts of the McHughs is the Baca Campus facility, essentially a second campus located in the San Luis Valley in south-central Colorado. Beloved by students, faculty, and staff, the Baca Campus facility was acquired in 1990 with significant help from McHugh, and allows for field study, faculty-student interaction, contemplative retreats, and conferences.

McHugh also was an ardent supporter of community service, and CC annually presents the Anabel and Jerry McHugh Director's Award as part of the Community Engagement Recognition Awards conferred at Honor's Convocation in May.

The leadership chair the McHughs endowed in the Political Science Department in 1985, at the time one of only seven such endowments at the college, perhaps best illustrates the family's commitment to making community service last a lifetime. The McHughs were motivated by their desire to provide a basis for people to return to their communities and be leaders in whatever endeavor they chose to pursue. Said McHugh, "As a family, we've been so fortunate in receiving benefits from this fabulous country and we wish to return some of that good fortune. By endowing this chair, we'll be making a lasting commitment not only to the college, but hopefully to Colorado and the nation."

McHugh also had a passion for assuring that under-represented minority students and students from disadvantaged backgrounds were able to receive the educational opportunities that schools such as Colorado College can offer. He and his wife helped found the Colorado chapter of the I Have A Dream Foundation; later, the board of directors established the McHugh Award in their honor.

McHugh was born Oct. 21, 1927. He received a B.A. in geology from Princeton University in 1951.

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