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CC Adds New Major in Education

Students at Colorado College can now major in education, a change that recognizes shifts in society and educational norms, Education Department Chair Mike Taber says. The new major was recently profiled in Inside Higher Ed.

Before the major was approved, the focus of the department was on the Master of Arts in Teaching, still an important emphasis of the department.

The new education major places the study of education within the liberal arts, and recognizes education as a discipline with historical, social, political, and economic aspects. "Through social inquiry, critical analysis, and community engagement, education majors will examine the central position educational systems occupy in civic functioning," the rationale for the major states.

The major is a shift for the department, which had previously offered a thematic minor in education to undergraduates. A minor is still available for students. The department's graduate programs will continue, including a teaching certificate program and programs for graduate students to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree.

The major, which was approved by the faculty, consists of a total of 10 units, or courses, five of which will "examine the historical, psychological, and social underpinnings that define American public education," according to the rationale for the major submitted to the faculty. All students are required to conduct educational research, understand the latest findings on learning and human development, and participate in clinical aspects of education through observation and practicum experiences

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