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Building on the Block: Workplace Excellence

The Charge: Create a top-notch professional development program that supports our faculty and staff in adapting to the changing environment and to support lifelong learning that is critical for individuals to reach their potential.

What's Happening: Achieving workplace excellence occurs when staff and faculty continue to be actively engaged in their own ongoing learning and afforded opportunities to enhance their productivity and engagement that contributes to the mission and goals of the institution. The Excel@CC professional development program was designed to create those opportunities for all faculty and staff to learn, develop, and grow.

"It has been an exciting and successful first year for the Excel@CC program. Offering a comprehensive program that spans key areas in communication, leadership, diversity and inclusion, supervision, and knowing our students conveyed a clear message that ongoing professional skills development is important to the college," said Barbara Wilson, director of Human Resources. Nearly 290 people participated in at least one session within the six programs offered. Almost 130 people will receive 150+ certificates for completing the full multi-session programs.

"Inclusion is one of the values that I hold very deeply," said Jim Swanson, director of financial aid, who completed the full Journey to Inclusion certificate program. "When I saw Excel@CC was having that topic, I was really interested in learning more, to learn different perspectives, seeing who was teaching the course was really intriguing to me."

Kathy Pogue is the desk coordinator in Slocum Residence Hall and works closely with students daily. She completed the Getting to Know Our Students certificate program through Excel@CC. "I'm able to know who to go to, because I do have students that come to me who may be having a mental or physical problem. I know how to address that issue when it comes to my desk," she said following the completion of the course. "I know the language to use and I'm not afraid to approach them about it if they don't come to me."

HR continues to receive feedback from participants and will work on the 2015-16 Excel@CC program, making revisions to the current offerings where needed, and will explore other opportunities to build new programs to further professional development for staff and faculty.

Participating in the program brought the college community together and connections have been made that wouldn't necessarily have occurred in the normal course of work. Skills were developed and enhanced to engage in crucial conversations, to deepen one's understanding of diversity and the richness to cultivate a work environment that includes contributions of all individuals, and to manage yourself and others more effectively.

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