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Building on the Block: Workplace Excellence & Shared Governance

The Charge: Create a campus culture that is truly creative and innovative by attracting and retaining a diverse faculty, staff, and administration and fostering an inclusive campus culture that values different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and opinions. To strengthen our culture and improve workplace excellence, build strong internal communication, vibrant collaboration, and organizational transparency as strategic assets.

What's Happening: Following the great work in 2013-14 from the faculty and staff diversity action team and the diverse and inclusive campus action team, a leadership group consisting of Sandi Wong, dean of the college, Paul Buckley, assistant vice president and director of The Butler Center, and Barbara Wilson, director of Human Resources, developed the college's statement on diversity. The statement which outlines Colorado College's commitment on diversity is the foundation for fostering an inclusive campus culture.

In our efforts to improve organizational transparency, this fall the college launched the Shared Governance at CC and the CC Facts webpages. As a community that embraces transparency and accountability, it is in our best interest to be clear about who is responsible for what decisions and to make that information available to the community. "Shared Governance at CC" is a resource that provides information on the groups who are consulted with and who ultimately makes a decision. CC Facts provides commonly requested data on the institution from broad areas like admission, enrollment, undergraduate graduation and retention, financial aid, instructional faculty, staff, athletics, and finance.

Vibrant collaboration is another characteristic of a great place to work. Building on the success of cross-functional collaborative teams during the strategic planning process, the president has begun commissioning Block Projects that are designed to bring a new level of recognition, support, and structure to collaborative work. These projects, which give intense focus over a short period of time to accomplish a specific mission, bring a small group of people from across the campus together to work on a solution or improvement to an assigned topic.

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