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Building on the Block: In-Residence Programs

The Charge: Create in-residence programs for artists, scholars, social entrepreneurs, journalists, postdocs, filmmakers, and others, building on the block and extending our reach by taking advantage of the Block Plan's condensed schedule which enables distinguished scholars and practitioners to come to CC for short or long periods of time.

What's Happening: Hampton Sides, author of the best-selling "In the Kingdom of Ice," took the helm at Colorado College's new Journalist-in-Residence Program. The program aims to raise the profile of non-fiction writing on campus while also bringing some of the nation's top non-fiction writers, which includes historians, journalists, and commentators, to campus to teach and participate in a lecture series. Sides, who is editor-at-large for Outside magazine and a regular contributor to The New Yorker, National Geographic, and Esquire, taught courses during Block 5 and will again in Block 8.

The courses are The Art of Fact: Studies in the New Journalism and Narrative Non-fiction and Going Long: The Art and Craft of Long-form Journalism. He also will advise CC student journalists and help coordinate the lecture series.

"Having Hampton Sides as a professor for this course was such an integral part of the learning experience. Because he has so much extensive knowledge about the field of journalism, and so much experience and the willingness for him to help the students really came out in our class," said Kristi Murray '16, who took Sides' Block 5 course, The Art of Fact.

"I'm very seriously considering pursuing journalism; in that sense, it was a tremendous help. Not only getting Hampton's perspective on the industry, but also the many different people we talked to. We talked to literary agents, for instance, which gave us some insight into the business side of how being a professional writer works," said Jack Queen '16, another student from the Block 5 course.

The Journalist-in-Residence Program also includes a radio journalism course in the spring, taught by Peter Breslow, senior producer of NPR's "Weekend Edition," called Radio Journalism: Reporting, Producing, Audio Storytelling. "[This program] brings great people to campus and puts them directly in touch with students," said Steve Hayward, professor of English. "There's no underestimating the impact direct contact with students can have."

The new program, housed in the Film and Media Studies Program, is made possible by a generous gift from Ian Griffis '85, Susan Deeds Griffis '88, David Birnbaum '83, Kathryn Kantes Birnbaum, Mary Jo Sokolowski, Mike Millisor '83, Mark Polite '83, Dorian Griffis Polite, Phil Swan '84, and Anne Bush Hanson '85.

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