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Building on the Block: Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching

The Charge: Set in motion specific pilot projects to demonstrate how the Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching will contribute to the mission of the college.

What's Happening: As part of our Center for Immersive Learning and Engaged Teaching, we completed our thesis writing adjunct pilot project, to rave reviews from participants. Molly Gross, formerly the associate director of the Writing Center, and who worked intimately with this project, said the interdisciplinary nature of the pilot created a sense of community that provided a safe space for student writers to collaborate and challenge one another. "The thesis is where they transition from being students to being professionals, and that skin can be uncomfortable. This is their opportunity to confront that, to make a stand and be clear about where they live in that conversation. For them to practice that in the thesis process is so valuable." Mollie Hayden '14, participated in the pilot and said she found the greatest value in developing confidence in herself as a writer. "Prior to the adjunct, I was very insecure and unsure of my ability to write, but with support, I learned to let go of my apprehensions and trust myself."

The success of this pilot has spurred an initiative to hire a part time undergraduate thesis writing specialist to expand the pilot into yearlong programming that will include offering thesis courses throughout the academic year, and coordinating workshops and writing retreats during block breaks, Half Block, and Summer Session. The position will be funded for two years by the Mellon Grant the college received last fall, helping support the vision of the Center.

Drew Cavin Additionally, Mellon Grant dollars supported the opportunity to bring Drew Cavin on board at CC as its first director of the Office of Field Study. As we support our faculty and students to experience the full potential of the Block Plan, this position will work directly with faculty to design and implement local and regional field excursions to enhance the learning of our students. The office will also work with faculty to enhance existing programs, and support those interested in incorporating field-based learning into their coursework. "I think that the Block Plan allows for so many very special and unique educational opportunities, as well as opportunities for students to grow as people and experience the world," said Cavin, who earned his Ph.D. in recreation, park, and tourism sciences from Texas A&M University. "My new position gives me the opportunity to help faculty take full advantage and create exceptional educational experiences for our students."

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