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Building on the Block: Field Study

The Charge: The center will be a dynamic place, a centerpiece, where students, faculty, staff and alumni come together and where resources are available to discover and share best practices and support new ideas.

What's Happening: Building on the success of the inaugural Field Study Symposium in the summer of 2015, Colorado College plans to produce its first Field Study Journal in the fall 2016. The journal will tell the story of 10-12 courses over the last academic year that used the opportunity the Block Plan affords to allow faculty to take their students outside the traditional classroom setting. Through the stories of these courses, the college will showcase how field study is a significant part of CC's curriculum. According to Drew Cavin, director of the Office of Field Study, "field study is a defining characteristic of the Block Plan. It is one of the key benefits, and it touches every student who comes through CC." When faculty members reflect upon the value of field experiences in their courses, the central theme, as Cavin states, is "the connections made with students and the connections students make with each other on trips are one of the unique outcomes of field study. Field study catalyzes relationships just as it catalyzes learning." The journal will share these stories with the campus community, trustees, prospective faculty, and students, and foundations. The web version of the journal will be shared with our ACM schools and other selective institutions. Going forward the college plans to issue a call to the faculty for future stories in what we hope will become a biannual publication.

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