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Building on the Block: Antarctica Block Break for Alumni and Parents

The Charge: Develop new opportunities for alumni and parents to engage in lifelong learning and be intellectually engaged with the college and each other.

What's Happening: Thirty CC alumni, friends, and family spent an "extended block break - 12 days during Winter Break - exploring Antarctica aboard the Corinthian. Accompanied by lectures on the volcanic-glacier landscape and active tectonic plate movement beneath the sea, the group stopped off at Palmer Station, and experienced the best wildlife viewing Christine Siddoway, geology professor, says she's ever had on an Antarctica voyage.

"A great reward comes from being able to translate the dynamic we experience at CC - the questioning, inquiring, and discovering - to take that essence that we so enjoy in a classroom and extend the CC experience out to family and friends and our alumni," said Siddoway, who gave educational lectures throughout the trip. Travelers immersed themselves in the history, ecology, and majestic landscape of this unique, remote locale. "I could see them looking for the features that had been described in the lectures when we were exploring the area on land," Siddoway said of the group. "Their minds were on fire, asking really probing questions."

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