Ballroom Dancing

Photos by Jennifer Coombes

Put on your dancin' shoes - and then try to keep up with husband-and-wife team John Riker and Marcia Dobson. Riker, professor of philosophy, and Dobson, professor of classics, have been ballroom dancing together for 35 years. About seven years ago they began teaching ballroom dance at CC in an informal club format, and have taught a credit-bearing course for about three years.

They teach it all: the smooth and the Latin dances. So after a day of biology labs or history research, CC students can head to Cossitt Hall and learn the fox trot, waltz, Viennese waltz, tango, polka, rumba, cha cha, mambo, samba, East Coast swing, and a bit of the Charleston.

"The most fun about teaching our students is sharing our love of dance with them, and seeing how they light up with joy when they join hands as partners after a long day of study, no matter how tired they are," says Dobson.

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