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    Angela Kong (Feminist & Gender Studies '17) Published on The Feminist Wire

    The Feminist Wire published an article written by Angela Kong (FGS '17) in its Emerging Feminisms column entitled "The Model Minority Myth: 'Performing' Asian." In this article, Kong writes, "Accepting and embracing my identity isn’t just a matter of me entertaining a 'metaphysical' theory or an abstract concept that I read from one of my feminist texts – it’s allowing myself to recognize that accepting my multifaceted identity is fundamental to me becoming and being a better feminist. I don’t need to carry all the weight of stereotypes, and actively reinforce or disprove them, because being honest and genuine with myself and taking up space is already a statement in itself."

    Kong wrote the article as part of her Editorial Assistant internship position for The Feminist Wire's Personal Is Political column under the supervision of Professor Heidi R. Lewis this summer.