Andreea Marinescu Publishes Book on Raúl Ruiz

Andreea Marinescu, associate professor in Colorado College's Spanish and Portuguese Department, has co-edited the recently published book, "Raúl Ruiz's Cinema of Inquiry."

Best known for his filmic productions, Ruiz (1941-2011) was a highly prolific, erudite, and innovative artist, whose work intersects diverse locations, languages, and aesthetic traditions. His eclectic body of work includes more than 100 films - among them features, shorts, television serials, and videos - as well as books on the theory of cinema, genre-defying fiction books, plays, a radio show, and a multimedia installation.

Ruiz's relevance to cinema and the growing interest in his work are due to his legacy as a global filmmaker. Viewers, filmmakers, and film scholars continue to return to his works because his films consistently pose the question of what cinema can be, especially at a time when cinema is increasingly seen as displaced by television and new media. Ruiz expanded the domain of cinema itself, incessantly probing the interstices between cinema and other arts. The book, published by Wayne State University Press, posits the unity of Ruiz's body of work and investigates the similarities between his diverse artistic productions. Ruiz's own concept of "cinema of inquiry" provides the lens through which his films and poetics are examined.

Marinescu, co-editor Ignacio López-Vicuña, and six other scholars explore different aspects of Ruiz's work, paying special attention to the transnational aspects of Ruiz's films, critical regionalism, and political and aesthetic interventions. In addition to including close readings of important yet understudied films, the book features two extensive previously unpublished interviews with Ruiz.

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