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70 CC Authors Honored

Genevieve Love, associate professor of English, and Bill Davis, associate professor of comparative literature, look over submissions at the CC Authors Reception in the Colket Learning Center. Photo by Jenn Sides.

The CC Authors Reception was first held in 1996 and honored 12 monographs by Colorado College faculty. The following year, 1997, 25 faculty authors of books and articles were honored. In 1998, 20 authors were honored and in 1999, 26 "faculty and administrators" were honored.

The celebration was held biannually from 2001 until 2013, and grew from about 40 to approximately 100 honorees. The event then returned to an annual celebration, with 40 authors being honored in the spring of 2014 and 70 authors in the spring of 2015. Here are the authors for 2015:

Daniel Arroyo-Rodriguez
Susan Ashley
Ryan BaƱagale
Ralph Bertrand
Emily Chan
Tracy Coleman
Tom Cronin
Helen Daly
Bill Davis
Marcia Dobson
Jim Ebersole
Kristi Erdal
Krista Fish
Traci Freeman
Timothy Fuller
Ivan Gaetz
Claire Garcia
Steve Getty
Santiago I. Guerra
Sarah Hautzinger
Steven Hayward
Marion Hourdequin
Jessica Hunter-Larsen
Bryan Hurt
Bob Jacobs
Steven Janke
Tass Kelso
Anusha Kedhar
Darrell Killian
Ruth Kolarik
Miroslav Kummel
Steve Lawson
Robert Lee
Eric M. Leonard
Victoria L. Levine
Heidi Lewis
Phoebe Lostroh
Genevieve Love
David Mason
Corina McKendry
Sarah Milteer
Amanda Minervini
Jane Murphy
Gale Murray
Paul Myrow
Dylan Nelson
Jeremy Nelson
Michael O'Riley
Alexei Pavlenko
Eric P. Perramond
Adison Petti
Alan Prendergast
Andrew Price-Smith
Jessy Randall
Jared Richman
Andrea Righi
John Riker
Tracy Santa
Adrienne Seward
Mike Siddoway
Christine Smith Siddoway
John Simons
Rashna Singh
Mark Smith
Sanjaya Thakur
Rebecca Tucker
Cathey Weir
Dana Wittmer

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