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3 Faculty Members Promoted to Full Professor

Three Colorado College associate professors have been promoted to full professor. They are Tracy Coleman, Religion Department; and Aju Fenn and Esther Redmount, both of the Economics and Business Department.

Coleman came to Colorado College in 2001 after receiving her Ph.D. in Religious Studies at Brown University. She also earned an M.A. in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School, an M.A. in French from Middlebury College, and a B.A. in French from Rockford College. Coleman offers courses in religion, Asian Studies, and Feminist and Gender Studies, including Feminisms in Religion and Holy Men, Manly Men: Gods, Buddhas, and Gurus in South Asia. According to one colleague, she aims to "foster an intellectually rigorous environment shaped by mutual respect and openness to all ideas and arguments." Describing Coleman as "a master of including everyone" and "the best discussion leader on campus," students attest to her ability to inspire participation and collaboration.

Coleman's scholarship "examines religion as a discourse of power in relation to gender and sexuality." Her teaching and research interests include Hinduism and South Asian religions, sacred biography in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, Bhakti literature, and Sanskrit literature. Her most recent work was published in an edited volume, The Archaeology of Bhakti I: Mathura and Maturai, Back and Forth. She also has published in the Journal of the American Oriental Society. Coleman has diligently chaired the Religion Department since 2011, and has served on the International Studies Committee, as co-chair of the Sheffer Advisory Committee, and as faculty advisor to study abroad programs in India. She is highly regarded as "a wonderful mentor" and an organized, efficient, and responsible leader.

Fenn began as an assistant professor at Colorado College in 2002. He earned a Ph.D. from Iowa State University and received a B.A. in economics from The College of Wooster and a B.S. from St. Xavier's College. Fenn teaches Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Econometrics, the Economics of Sports, and Art and Economics: Interdisciplinary Analyses. Students describe his teaching and mentoring as "influential," "brilliant," "dynamic," "engaging," "demanding," and "humorous." One student described Fenn's Economics of Sports course as a positive "turning point in my education."

In the field of sports economics Fenn "has a reputation for insight and rigor" and for scholarship that is "important, timely, and well done." Since receiving tenure in 2007, he has published a large volume of articles in various peer-reviewed journals including International Journal of Sport Finance, Journal of Productivity Analysis, Journal of Business and Economic Research, Journal of Economic Education, and Southern Economic Journal. He has served as department chair, on the Faculty Executive Committee, and most recently on the College Advancement Committee.

Redmount received her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia and a B.A. in economics from the College of William and Mary. She teaches Economics of Labor, Immigration, Game Theory, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, and Principles of Economics and has designed two interdisciplinary courses, A Worldly Philosophy: The Industrial Revolution in Britain and the Birth of Economics, and Japanese in Japan. Students praise her "eloquence and clarity of speech" and her "real world" applications. One student wrote, "I can say without hesitation that I would not have been as in love with the field of economics were it not for her ceaseless support and guidance over the past three years." Many students also express appreciation for her mentorship and "caring and conscientious" advice as they apply to graduate schools and consider careers.

Redmount has edited a volume, The Economics of the Family: How the Household Affects Markets and Economic Growth. Her most recent co-authored work, "The Effect of Wage Payment Reform on Workers' Wages, Labor Supply and Welfare," appeared in Journal of Economic History. She has chaired the Faculty Executive Committee, and served on the Dean's Advisory Committee, the Design Review Board, the Quantitative Reasoning Center Steering Committee, and the last CC presidential search committee. She currently serves on the Library Action Committee and the Health Professions Advisory Committee. Colleagues admire and respect her contributions to the college, especially, as one put it, her "calm, measured, and decisive, yet diplomatic voice."

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