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Instructions for M.A.T. Degree Recipients

  1. Arrive a Palmer Hall by 7:45 am on Monday morning.  We will line up in Gates Common Room, on the 3rd floor.
  2. Pick up a copy of the Marching List inside the entrance (south) of Palmer Hall (on gold/yellow paper).  Proceed to the first floor of Palmer Hall and turn right (toward the East).
  3. You will march in alphabetical order (following the order on the Marching List) at the end of the Right-Hand column of students.  Take your place at the end of the column.
  4. When the time comes to march, the entire column will head out the door of Gates Common room and down the stairs, exiting through the front doors of Palmer Hall.  Stay in alphabetical order while marching. 
  5. You will be seated in the back row (or two rows) on the right side (as you face the stage).  The Faculty Marshal will direct you to your row.  File into the row and remain standing until the President sits. 
  6. You will get your diplomas after the Speaker and Honorary Degrees. 
  7. See the diagram for the pattern for crossing the platform and returning to your seats:

    The Dean of Faculty will say: “Will the candidates for the M.A.T. degree please stand.”
    President will say: “By the virtue of . . . etc.”
    Dean of Faculty: “Will the candidates please present themselves . . . etc.” 

    That is your cue to proceed to the platform.  Wear your caps when you get your diploma.  Head to your Right, turn Left toward the platform.  An usher will then check your names to make sure you are in the correct order.  Proceed up the stairs, and across the platform to receive your degree and hood.  Descend the stairs on the opposite side of the platform (just keep heading in the same direction).  Walk Behind all the seated undergraduates and return to your seats. 
  8. Remain standing until the Faculty Marshal (who gave you your hoods) signals for you to be seated. 
  9. Enjoy another two hours of fun.