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2012 Honors Convocation

Colorado College honored dozens of outstanding students, as well as some faculty and staff, at its annual academic honors convocation on Tuesday, May 8, in Shove Memorial Chapel. The annual program includes departmental awards, all-college awards, and awards from the CC Student Government Association.

Honors Convocation 2012
Photos by Stanley Sigalov '13.

Departmental Awards


Presented by Christina Leza

H. Marie Wormington Award: Emily Conway & Stephanie Tancer

The Courtney Cusick Memorial Prize: Kyleen Breslin & Anna Schneider


Art awardPresented by Kate Leonard

Outstanding Senior Art Studio Show Award: Eleanor Anderson

Outstanding Senior Art History Thesis Award: Polly Sinclair

Mary Chenoweth Award: Charles Shaw

Craig Herst Arts Prize Scholar Award:  Cynthia Taylor, Dylan Conway

The Kirsch Prize: LeeAna Wolfman 

Asian Studies

Presented by Joan Ericson

Excellence in Asian Studies: Jennifer Myers


biology awardPresented by Nancy Huang

Richard G. and Reba Beidleman Award:  Erik Enbody & Isabel Jones

Laboratory Biology Award: Kathryn Reichard & Kelsey Wise

Jason Wilkes Memorial Biology Award: Esteban Guerrero, Marissa Gradoz & Mariko Fujita

Enderson Award in Conservation Biology:  Ann Evankow & Utsarga Bhattarai

Mary Alice Hamilton Award in Biology: Colby Sides


chemistry awardPresented by Ted Lindeman

The Otis A & Margaret T. Barnes Award: Eric Wigton

First Year Chemistry Award: Robert Dohrn

William C Champion Prize:  Kristen Wells & Andrew Pontbriand

Merck Index Award in Chemistry: Jordan DeGayner

Merck Index Award in Biochemistry: Eric Wigton

ACS Analytical Chemistry Award: Taylor Kelson

Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry Award in Biochemistry Research: Evgenia Shishkova & William Zuke

Alfred W. Alberts Summer Research Prize: Jimin Kim


Presented by Owen Cramer

drama/dance award

John Bryant and Miriam Gile Hartwell Prize: Katherine Lynch

Comparative Literature

Presented by Corinne Scheiner

Excellence in Comparative Literature:  Kyra Gurney

Drama and Dance

Presented by Tom Lindblade

Broadway Theatre League Award: Dolo McComb

Pamela Riley Prize:  Zachary Luna

Economics and Business

Presented by Aju Fenn

economics and business awardKenneth J. Curran Award Thomas Bunn

Kenneth J. and Elizabeth Hare Curran Award:  Emily Conway

Robert William Kaye Prize:  Michael Wolff

Robert E. Rubin Award in Political Economy: Edward Moe, Mallory LeeWong

Robert E. Rubin Award in Mathematical Economics:  Christopher Lowenstein, Laura Putnam


education awardPresented by Kris Stanec

Award for Excellence in Teacher Education: Amy Fleig, Elementary, Joseph Karwin Secondary English, Robert Reed Secondary Math

Lori Anne Lowe Memorial Award in Elementary: Blair Brendle, Stacey Hill & Lisa Kamin

Lori Anne Lowe Memorial Award in Secondary: Zachary Blaylock


English awardPresented by Re Evitt

Evelyn May Bridges Poetry Awards:

1st place: Matthew Potter
2nd place:  Kieffer Katz
3rd place:  Olivia Wall
Honorable Mention: Gabrielle Goodbar, Noah Hubble, Eva Nisley

Adelaide Bender Reville Fiction Awards: 

1st Place:  Jackson Buckley
2nd place:  Molly Moffett
3rd place Robin Walter

Frank Krutzke Senior Project Award: Carrie Markel

The Colorado College Award in Literature: Brett Bustos, Ellen Cole, Amanda Flores

Environmental Science

environmental science awardPresented by Eric Perramond

Outstanding Senior Academic Award in Environmental Science: Kelsey Elwood, Josh Anderson

Distinguished Service Award in Environmental Science: Alexandra Tarika

Feminist and Gender Studies

Presented by Tomi-Ann Roberts

McGee Prize in Feminist and Gender Studies:  Andrea Ruybal


Presented by Julian Plaza

Apollonian Award: Matthew Valeta

Francophone and Mediterranean Studies

Francophone and Mediterranean studies awardPresented by Andrea Righi

Award in Excellence in French:  Katherine Whalen

Award in Excellence in Italian: Jackson Porecca

Jeanne Gibbs Memorial Award: Maria Keller, Meaghan Berns, Alexandria McDonald, Margaret McCleskey, Rebecca Carper

Linda Hare Goddard 1977 Memorial Award in French: Emma Barnosky


geology awardPresented by Megan Anderson

The William A. Fischer Special Recognition Award: Eleanor Emery

Estwing Outstanding Senior Geologist Award: Thomas Ashley & Megan Hurster

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Award: Anne Hanson

The Patricia J. Buster Research Scholarship: Ryan Gall, Anne Hanson, Caleb Birchard, Megan Hurster, Dirk Rasmussen, David Freedman, David Conwell

Donald B. Gould Scholarship Award in Geology: Ryan Gall, Adam Freierman & Vivian Speiss

Darrell M. Putman Scholarship Award in Geology: Zachary Snyder

Phillip J. McKenna Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Scholarship: Dirk Rasmussen

Hannigan Endowed Fund for Fieldwork: Zachary Snyder

Creager Scholarship: Anne Hanson, Ryan Gall

German, Russian, and East Asian Languages

Presented by Bill Davis

University of Gottingen Scholarship: Sarah Emma Graham

German, Russian, East Asian languages awardUniversity of Regensburg Scholarship:  Tabetha Katz

Excellence in German Award: Matthew Lopez

Anne von Bibra Sutton German Scholarship: Travis Garoutte

Max Kade Award in German: Lena Welte

The Alexey Malyshev Russian and Eurasian Studies Award: Joshua Youle, Julia Pleasants

Japanese Language Award: Jennifer Myers

Chinese Language Award: Bradley Limov, Garrison Lovelace

Health Professions

Presented by Nancy Huang

Frank Henry John Figge Award: Michael Davenport

The Caduceus Award: Jeffrey Nadel


Presented by Dennis Showalter

Clyde Augustus Duniway Prize : Melissa Tran

Robert J. Cosgrove Historical Essay Prize :  Caitlin Barbera, Robert Shapiro


Presented by Jane McDougall

Florian Cajori Award:  Evan Ranken, Nicholas Pascucci

Sophie Germain Award Rebecca Mitchell

The Euclid Scholarships: Trevor Barron,  Minqi Liu, Gautam Webb, Denali Molitor

Thomas Post Rawles Prize: Evan Ranken & Hanson Smith


music awardPresented by Ofer Ben-Amots

Max Lanner Prize for Excellence in Instrumental Music: Andrew Pope & Roxanne Tutchton  

Marie Clough Gillis Award for Excellence in Vocal Music: Nicole Santilli

David and Karen Smith Cowperthwaite Award for Excellence in Music: Brendan O’Donaghue, Nick Trkla


Presented by Jonathan Lee

J. Glenn Gray Award: Jacob Brownell


physics awardPresented by Patricia Purdue

David and Karen Smith Cowperthwaite Award for Excellence in Physics: Evan Ranken

Wilbur Wright Memorial Prize:  Roxanne Tutchton

Political Science

Presented by John Gould

Edith Bramhall Award : Ari Frosch, Madalyn Rilling

Fred Sondermann Award: Leah Fugere, Mallory LeeWong


Presented by Lori Driscoll

Arnold B. Scheibel Neuroscience Award: Megan Lieb


pyschology awardPresented by Lori Driscoll

William Arthur Blakely Memorial Award: Nora Alami & Sean O’Donnell

Cornelia Manley Sabine Award in Psychology: Adrienne Wood, Shiho Ushijima

Race & Ethnic Studies

Presented by Alberto Hernandez-Lemus

Adrienne Seward & Victor Nelson-Cisneros Award in Race & Ethnic Studies:  Erin Rhodes


Presented by David Weddle

Hastings Prize:  Sean Kwo


Presented by Sandi Wong

Abbott Prize in Sociology: Madeline Frost

Southwest Studies

Presented by Eric Perramond

Joseph T. Gordon Prize in Southwest Studies: Prof. Anne Hyde

Joel P. Benezet Prize: Andrew Wallace


Spanish awardPresented by Carrie Ruiz

Award in Excellence in Spanish: *, Deanna Thirkell, Madison Stuart

Felisa Llorente Award: Madison Stuart, Brenna Day

The Linda Hare Goddard 1977 Memorial Award in Spanish: Tyler Carson

Sports Science

Presented by Cindy Endicott

The Mahony Award in Sports Medicine: Caitlin Dwyer

* student requested privacy

All-College Awards

all-college awardAbel J. and Lucy Phinney Gregg Award

Presented by Bruce Coriell

Recipients:  Siphelele Mhlanga, Eliza Brennan-Pratt

Alpha Lambda Delta Book Award

Presented by Katherine Dougherty

Recipient:  Deanna Thirkell

Ann Rice Memorial Award

Presented by Connie Jiang

Recipient: Samantha Barlow

Blue Key Award

Presented by Ariana Glantz

Recipient:  Professor of Anthropology, Sarah Hautzinger

Colorado College Prize on War, Violence, and Human Values

Presented by Will Hochman, history professor emeritus

RecipientsMatthew Cartee, Stephanie Tancer

Cutler Publications Award

Presented by Ellen Cole

Recipients: Jesse Paul, Jorge Rivera Hernandez 

Ruth Barton Award

Presented by Ellen Cole                   

Recipient:  Alex Kronman

E. K. Gaylord Award

Presented by Ellen Cole

Recipient:  Andrea Tudhope

Henri “Skip” Meis 1963 Outstanding Student Award

Presented by  Rochelle Mason

Recipient: Emily Fukunaga

Henri “Skip” Meis 1963 Emerging Student Leader Award

Presented by Rochelle Mason

Recipient:  Ariana Glantz

Mortar Board Honoree Of The Year Award

Presented by Cassandra Benson

Recipient:  Ron Smith, Director of Campus Safety

Presented By President

awards from the presidentDreamkeeper Award

Elijah Douresseau

Mary Stearns Barkalow Award

Toni Pizza

J. Juan Reid Award

Benjamin Quam

Van Diest Award

Jordan DeGayner

Laura Golden Award

Devin Nadar

The Nelson-Cisneros Award

Victor Nelson-Cisneros

Crown-Goodman Scholarship Awards

Daniel Alvarado, Samantha Barlow, Brett Bustos, Ellen Cole, Denali Gillaspie, Peter Heng, Erik Jacobson, Trevor Johnson, Elyse Miller, Elizabeth Newcombe, Carmen Rodi, Shannon Thomas, Andrea Tudhope

Colorado College Student Government Association Awards 

CCSGA Involved Student of the Year Award

CCSGA awardPresented by Arielle Rocca

Recipient:  Andrew Wallace 

Involved Student Organization of the Year Award

Presented by Rebecca Spiegel

Recipient:  CC Community Kitchen 

Bob Pizzi Outstanding Faculty Advisor of the Year Memorial Award,

presented by Benjamin Quam

Recipient: John Riker, professor of Philosophy & Murphy Brasuel, professor of Chemistry

Lloyd E. Worner Teacher of the Year Award

Presented by Logan Dahl

Recipient:  Heidi Lewis, professor of Feminist & Gender Studies

Honorary Organizations

Alpha Kappa Delta

Sara Bodner, Angela Komar, Anna Fuchs, Hannah Wear, Elizabeth Michaels, April Hearne, Nicole Kaufman, Alison Suzukamo

Alpha Lambda Delta

Deanna Thirkell, Zachary Luna, Dhaye Smith, Emily Moore, Claire Mann, Emily Conway, Juan Arias, Kelsey Elwood, Lindsey Pointer, Katrina Kutchko, Jack Regenbogen, Rebecca Mitchell, Laura Peszek, Tessa Harland, Kelsey Bergeson, Kaila Ryan, Garland Thorn, Saraiya Ruano, Leah Kellogg, Mallory LeeWong, Georgia Ivsin, Tara Mullin, Andrew Pope, Katherine Lynch, Travis Garoutte, Joanna Tebin, Jeffrey Nadel, Peter Heng, Kelsey Wise, Mary Budd, Melissa Schott, Reginald Anderson, haley Hamilton, Casey Elkins, Krista Tani, Madison Stuart, Dustin Sigaty, Harrison Alpert, Cassandra Benson, Bernadette Stocker, Anna Berghoff, Timothy Nelson, Margo Simon, Sara Ferguson, Kathleen Halgren, Sophie Goodman, Michael Davenport, Angela Komar, Yannick Schindler, Erienne Moore, Laura Martin, Benjamen Taber, Hannah Wear, Daniel Marion, Christopher Lutz, Amy Lin, Mariana Pimenta, Oliver heitkamp, Alice Plant, Jamie Shapiro, Johanna Hutchins, Rachel Wilson, Antonio Skarica, Ashley McCulloch, Mindy Nguyen, Mary Patrick, Dylan Mackie-hernandez, Whitney Petersen, Jazmyne Koch, Alexandra Epstein, Emily Epstein, Natalie Rahhal, Cynthia Taylor, Diane Kelly, Angela Eyraud, Erick Nelson, David Cully, Henok Yemam, William Walcott, Emily Westergard, Camille Tallichet, Swetha Charles, Kimberly Babcock, Ronit Mor, Justin Cook, Kitri Simon, Bryce Ingram, Natalie Nichols, Nathan Childs, Nicholas Johnson, Tashnika Stewart

Blue Key

Patricia Andrews, Sara Bodner, Lynn Froetscher, Aubrey Hasvold, Eva Hicks, Hanna Hoopingarner, Blair Huff, Elizabeth Lilly, Kathryn McManus, Jessica Meyer, Amanda Rennecker, Sean Parham, Clandria Putenney, Martha Wolday, Marlana Wallace

Mortar Board

Amy Fleig, Ben Taber, Bailey Terhune, Ashley McCulloch, Sophie Goodman, Kristen Wells, Katie Post, Kelsey Bergeson, Lisa Sundeen, Katherine Kelley, Laura Martin, Deanna Thirkell, Katie Reichard, Cobun Keegan, Cassandra Benson, Emily Moore, Sarah Wool, Tara Mullin, Bernadette Stocker, Leah Kellogg, Athena Mikros, Emily Fukunaga

Phi Beta Kappa

Harrison Alpert, Juan Miguel Arias, Matthew Beaton, Alex Binck, Jacob Brownell, Greg Collette, Emily Conway, Joshua Cuevas, Jordan DeGayner, Jose Domenech, Kelsey Elwood, Ari Frosch, Madeline Frost, Leah Fugere, Mariko Fujita, Elise Hellwig, Georgia Ivsin, Katrina Kutchko, Megan Lieb, Bradley Limov, Noah Lloyd, Zachary Luna, Claire Mann, Carrie Markel, Colin McCarey, Claire McKeever, Rebecca Mitchell, Emily Moore, Jeffrey Nadel, Nicholas Pascucci, Julia Pleasants, Kathryn Post, Evan Ranken, Kathryn Reichard, Madalyn Rilling, Katherine Rogers, Jessica Sanderson, Ian Shiach, Evgenia Shishkova, Colby Sides, Dustin Sigaty, Neal Smeltzer, Hannah Thompson, Garland Thorn, Roxanne Tutchton, Shiho Ushijima, Andrew Wallace, Eric Wigton, Sarah Wool

Phi Sigma Iota

Wyatt Miller, Sendi Estrada, Alyssa Wisler, Stephen Gayle, Samantha Ford, Katherine Lynch, Jennifer Myers, Sarah Hutcherson, Michiko Whitten, Madison Stuart, Margaret Brockland, Camille Tallichet

Pi Sigma Alpha

Philip Angelides, Emmanuel Chan, Jamie Drillette, Alexandra Epstein, Samantha Ford, Ari Frosch, Leah Fugere, Riley Hawkins, Katherine Kelley, Samuel landsman, Mallory LeeWong, Edward Moe, Siri nanz, Mary Patrick, Laura Peszek, Zachary Pierce, Bernadette stocker, Elizabeth Terhune, Hannah Varnell, Matthew Valeta

Pi Gamma Mu

Matthew Beaton, Anna Berghoff, Emmanuel Chan, Stephanie Coba, Jamie Drillette, Madeline Frost, Leah Fugere, Rebekah Gans, Kathleen Hallgren, Ryan Jaeger, Risa Katz, Katherine Kelley, Emily Lesem, Erienne Moore, Siri Nanz, Brendan Neville, Mary Chloe Ourisman, Laura Peszek, Zachary Pierce, Jack Regenbogen, Katherine Rogers, Anna Schneider, Melissa Schott, Antonio Skarica, Rebecca Spiegel, Bernadette Stocker, Lisa Sundeen, Hannah Varnell, Andrew Wallace, Sarah Wool

Psi Chi

Mari Gades, Tessa Harland, Oliver Heitkamp, Sarah Jacobson, Marina Leith, Dylan Mackie-Hernandez, Samuel McCune, Claire McNellan, Emily Scharff, Margo Simon, Leona Waller, Zachary Zeidler

Fellowship Recipients

Barry M. Goldwater Honorable Mention:  Zachary White

Beinecke Scholarship Nominee:  Saraiya Ruano

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship:  Joseph Bruckner, Katherine Heal, Lauren Hughes, Justin Strauss, Spencer Williams, Adrienne Wood

Thomas J. Watson Fellowship: Jamie Drillette

Public Interest Fellowship Program:

Kathleen Hallgren- The Bell Policy Center

Emily Wattman-Turner- Colorado Center on Law & Policy Healthcare Program

Marley Hamrick- Colorado Children's Campaign

Matthew Valeta- Colorado Consumer Health Initiative

Ashley Mayo-Colorado Consumer Health Initiative

Allison Stewart - Colorado Environmental Coalition

Andrew Ball- Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute

Natalie Triedman- Colorado Health Institute

Jeremy Kazanjian-Amory- OMNI Institute

Madeline Frost- OMNI Institute

Emily Cronin- TESSA

Summer Fellows

Elliot Mamet- ACLU of Colorado

Cortney Green- Bell Policy Center

Charlotte Kaye-ClincNet

Roy Dombrook- Colorado Environmental Coalition

Samantha Barlow- Colorado League of Charter Schools

Joseph Dooley- Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region

Annina Fowlkes- Green America

Angela Eyraud- NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado

Alison Suzukamo- National Conference of State Legislatures Education Program

Ka Yi Kate Cheng- National Conference of State Legislatures Partnership on Family Economic Success

Elizabeth Michaels- TESSA

Sally Hardin- Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado