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Living Off Campus

While many CC seniors live on campus, some choose to live off campus. We support that choice and seek to ensure that off campus living is a positive experience for both the students and the surrounding community.

The Basics

The Colorado College community continually seeks to foster growth within the student body, and a move off campus typifies a very exciting period of personal growth for college students. Off campus living offers freedoms and responsibilities that students can hugely benefit from, as it forces them to adopt a certain maturity. Furthermore, it’s really good fun!

CC is located within blocks of everything from six-person houses to one-person apartments. Local realty companies, such as Sunflower Property Management, are well-versed in working with CC students, as are local private landlords and homeowners who rent to college students year-round. Rental rates do vary depending upon the size of the property desired, as well as utility usage and any additional costs tenants may seek to incur (like Internet or cable television). However, most agencies and landlords are very accommodating of student budgets, and more than willing to answer any questions you may have about the process of renting.