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Residence Halls

Since so much of the CC experience happens outside the classroom, living on campus is a huge part of student life. With a few exceptions, all students are required to live in college housing unless granted off-campus status as seniors.


First-Year students live in one of three traditional residence halls - Loomis, Slocum, or Mathias - where they have the opportunity to learn about themselves and college life within the context of a larger community.


Sophomores live with friends in the larger buildings or pursue specific interests through a specialized housing program, like a Living Learning Community (LLC) or a language house. Small houses are also available for sophomores.


Juniors live in on-campus apartments, small houses, or Living Learning Communities, where they can learn to be more self-sufficient. These spaces often facilitate the transition in and out of a study abroad experience, allowing juniors to engage more globally with the community.


Seniors have the option to live on or off campus. Although a majority do live off campus, many elect to remain on campus to take advantage of the opportunities and convenience of on campus living. If they so desire, CC students are guaranteed on-campus housing for all four years.

Benefits of Living On-Campus:

  • Proximity to academic and extracurricular activities
  • Opportunities to develop close friendships with hallmates and neighbors
  • Easy access to college resources and staff
  • Themed houses such as The Synergy House (sustainability focused), The Lennox (Glass) House, language houses, and living learning communities.
  • A wide variety of housing options, including single-sex and coeducational areas, substance free areas, 24-hour quiet zones, recently renovated modern buildings, halls on the National Register of Historic Buildings, and apartments for juniors and seniors.

Until granted off-campus status as seniors, all students are required to live in college housing except:

  • Students who are 23 years or older
  • Military veterans
  • Students living at home with their parent/guardian
  • Students who are married
  • Students with dependent children living with them