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Housing and Dining

Any college student can tell you that residence and dining halls are more than places to sleep and eat – they're oases. The CC campus offers an array of cozy venues to study, plan a block break, talk parties and politics, and more.

Syncing Schedules

Thanks to the rhythm of the Block Plan, schedules are seldom incompatible, and common spaces fluctuate with harmonious regularity. By 8:30 on Monday morning, campus is already running like clockwork.

Dig In!

Bon Appetit, CC's socially- and environmentally-responsible food service provider, provides delicious local cuisine for our on-campus eateries. For overstuffed burritos made to order, stir-fries cooked under your nose, and cheeseburgers on the grill, head to Benji’s. Nice day? Opt for The Preserve, CC's all-natural café and store, for steaming panini sandwiches and an unbeatable mountain view. Or just enjoy the all-you-can-eat fresh food offered at Rastall Café.

Head Home

Time to recharge for the packed evening ahead? No matter where you live, CC's houses, apartments, and residences halls offer specialized spaces for socializing, study, and sleep. Welcome home!