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Student Organizations

Meet new and different people - flip your world upside down.
Fulfill a campus or community need - do something about it.
Learn outside the classroom - why be just a geologist when you can be a ukulele-playing, fiction-writing geologist?

Try something unique. Learn and grow. And try again.

Get involved!

Browse the following list of student organizations:


32% Club

Student Leaders: Danny Zamudio (, Zach Benevento (

The 32% invites all students regardless of financial aid status and are dedicated to learning about current topics directly or indirectly affecting students on need-based aid. Our mission is to discuss issues of class and aid in creating comprehensive solutions for students on campus. The intersection of class and race shall be a goal of discussion.

American Enterprise Institute Executive Council

Student Leaders: Nate Hochman (, Ian O'Shaughnessy (

The American Enterprise Institute Executive Council is a student group dedicated to eloquently and respectfully representing the principles of limited government, economic freedom, human dignity, and a strong American role in the world to the Colorado College community. We are a campus chapter of the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington, D.C. think tank known for its work in foreign and domestic policy, including education, taxation, fiscal policy, culture, and much more. Executive Council members invite speakers to campus each semester, host a regular discussion group, and attend a AEI conferences twice yearly. The Executive Council is capped at six members and is currently full—however, if you are interested, please contact Ian O’Shaughnessy at

Aprender Mediante Amistad (AMA)*

Student Leaders: Anis Buttar-Miller (, Rachel Powers (, Joselinne Medrano (

AMA is dedicated to assisting community children whose parents in many cases do not speak English fluently and are unable to help their children with their homework. AMA helps these children improve their reading and homework skills, and provides them with fun and educational activities. Through our service, the students we tutor have an opportunity to improve their academic performance, as well as establish trusting relationships with role models from Colorado College.

Asian Student Union (ASU)

Student Leaders: Sierra Takushi (

We strive to promote and preserve various Asian cultures at Colorado College while seeking to unify those of Asian descent and those interested in Asian heritage regardless of background.


The Colorado College Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics

Student Leaders: Cinea Jenkins (, Haley Colgate (

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) is a non-profit organization founded in 1971 with the purpose to promote equal opportunity for minorities, especially women and girls, in the mathematical sciences.  The Colorado College Chapter of AWM was founded in 2018 and meets at least once a block with other math related clubs to plan and organize group activities and events centered around math. Activities by the Colorado College AWM chapter include tea discussions with female CC alums and professors, a mentorship program for current and prospective female math majors, participation in the FemStem Symposium, visits to other universities and industry workplaces, and Capitol Hill visits. To learn more about us, visit our website at

Best Buddies

Student Leaders: Polly McNeely (; Madison Wilkinson (

Best Buddies creates one-to-one friendships between CC students and individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). The club also hosts a class on campus every Wednesday evening, named Higher Visions for Education (HVE). HVE is continuing education for adults with Down syndrome designed to enrich their independent living and social skills.

Colorado College Black Student Union (CCBSU)

Student Leaders: Shane Brown (, Allya John (

BSU is an inclusive safe space on campus for intersectional black and brown people. We aim to engage students to explore and advocate for their intersectional identities while simultaneously building community among each other and allies. We also strive to foster a supportive and engaging environment by hosting both social and educational events with the hope of sparking campus-wide action on race and ethnicity.

Black Women @ CC

Student Leaders: Daya Stanley (

The mission of this group is to empower and uplift black women. We hope to promote a positive body image and a healthy mind.

Board Game Club

Student Leader: Ely Merenstein (, Kage Guenther (, Paul Oh (

We are a group of gamers, enthusiasts, strategists, thrill-seekers, and fun-lovers of all kinds that come together to play tabletop games and enjoy the company of like-minded students. 

Boxing Club

Student Leaders: Zachary Cohen (, Paul Oh (

We provide students with an opportunity to learn full contact fighting techniques from a professional expert for sport, fitness or self-defense purposes.

BreakOut Club for Community Service

Student Leaders: Madeline Ng (, Patricia (

BreakOut strives to facilitate connections and foster cooperation between CC students and local, regional and national communities by engaging students through meaningful weekend, block break, and spring break trips. We continuously improve our community partnerships and reflect on our ethics of service through engaged conversation and inclusivity.

B-Side Collective

Student Leaders: Bea de Vaulx (, Kat Snoddy (

The mission of B-Side is to make music more accessible to students at Colorado College and Colorado Springs as a whole. The collective is specifically for female, riotgrrls, LGBTQIA+/queer, and gender nonconforming students, however, our events and workshops are for everyone.

Catholic Community

Leader: Anna Keating (, Student Leader: Lauren Stierman (, Molly Maier (

The Colorado College Catholic Community hosts liturgies, community events, art and spirituality workshops, speakers, hikes, pilgrimages and more as a way of allowing students of all backgrounds to experience, question, and engage with the beauty and diversity of the Catholic tradition.


Colorado College Chess Club

Student Leaders: Georgie Nahass (, Lili Uchida (

We are a group of CC students who like getting together on the 2nd floor of worner on Monday evenings to play chess and have a good time! Members can stop by and leave at their convenience during our meetings to play many games of chess or just one. Our members range in skill level from never-ever played chess before to competitive chess players. No matter your skill level, come stop on by if you’re interested in learning and playing chess!

Chinese Student Association (CSA)

Student Leaders: Scott Shen (, Felix Zhu (

CSA seeks to promote and preserve Chinese culture at Colorado College and the surrounding community and to unify those who are interested in Chinese culture.

Cipher Magazine

Editor-in-Chief: Megan Bott (

Cipher is a student-run magazine featuring creative nonfiction, narrative journalism, short stories, and art. The magazine aims to investigate issues affecting the college, Colorado Springs, the U.S., and the world. An archive of our past issues and our contact information can be found on our website,

Climate Reality Project

Student Leader: Emily Carlson (, Sonia Klein (

The Climate Reality Project is a national organization dedicated to training climate leaders. Our CC branch has the mission to form a city-wide coalition between Colorado College and the Colorado Springs community to combat both local and global issues relating to the realities of climate change.

Climbers Association of Colorado College (CACC)

Student Leader: Meredith Fossitt (, Jonny Norwine (

CACC's mission is to create an informal climbing community at CC. We connect current climbers with alumni and the Colorado Springs community to foster mentorship and learn from each other. We also provide an outlet for climbers to connect and get climbing outside of ORC programs.

The Colorado College Coding Club

Student Leaders: Daniel Barnes (, Oliver Jones (

We help CC students get jobs and internships in the tech industry. Our club sponsors are tech companies from all over Colorado, who are always looking for talented coders. We take students on tours at companies, host CEOs and Engineers as guest speakers, and organize coding events and hackathons throughout the school year. Alumni of our club have gone on to work at companies like Google, Northrop Grumman, EY, Lockheed Martin, and Altia.

Colorado College Student Government Association (CCSGA)

Student Body President: Ethan Greenberg (

The Colorado College Student Government Association (CCSGA) is comprised of members democratically elected by the Colorado College student body. CCSGA gives students a crucial role in the campus-wide development of an enriching college experience. CCSGA strives to make life at Colorado College not only intellectual, but also enjoyable and meaningful. In addition to being a source of support for student organizations and events, CCSGA is also a forum for cooperative action and provides a voice calling for progress. CCSGA is dedicated to the improvement of Colorado College and is driven by the passion and determination of its students.

COOL Science*

Student Leaders:  Ryan McLachlan (

We aim to make science more accessible to underprivileged kids and kids in general. We host the Big COOL Science Festival every year in April, hosting over 3000 people on campus for the event. The event is our way of directly engaging with the larger Colorado Springs community. Throughout the year we focus on tutoring science to underprivileged or at-risk elementary and middle school students. Science is supposed to be fun, not scary!


Student Leader: Taylor O'Donnell (, Natalie TeSelle (, Lindsey Downie (

CREATE matches Colorado College students with Mann Middle School girls to engage in creative, imaginative and experiential activities. CREATE intends to establish a safe and inspiring atmosphere that encourages personal exploration, helping girls find a passion and build self-confidence through that passion. We work as a large group, as well as in small groups to give girls both individual attention and the opportunity to work with their peers. Activities include book making, yoga, dance, song writing/poetry, music, painting, photography, pottery, jewelry making, and weaving.

Colorado College Democrats (CC Dems)*

Student Leaders: Kadin Mangalik (, Sophia Brown (

CC Democrats advocates, organizes, and educates on behalf of progressive causes on campus and in the Colorado Springs community.

Early Scholars Tutoring*

Student Leaders: Lora Yip (

Early Scholars' mission is to provide quality homework help and build relationships with the students of Taylor Elementary School.

Ellement A Capella

Student Leaders: Hailey Corkery (, Belle Durkin ( 

Ellement is Colorado College's close-knit and welcoming female and non-binary inclusive a capella group founded in 1995 by Shawna Hedlund and Amy Studson. They arrange and perform songs across a wide range of genres for off-campus/on-campus events and their semi-annual concerts of original arrangements. They welcome auditioners at the beginning of each semester.

Empowered Queers United for Absolute Liberation (EQUAL)

Student Leaders: Hailey Corkery (, Nicolette Gordillo-LaRiviere (Nicolette Gordillo-LaRiviere ( 

EQUAL provides queer and questioning students with a confidential safe space on campus to talk about queer issues.

EnAct: Students for Environemtnal Action at CC

Student Leaders: Jordan Schrage (, Emma Fetterly (

We are dedicated to environmental justice from the personal to global scale through collaboration, education and activism.


Student Leaders: Sophie Pelletier (, Emily McKinley (

We aim to promote multicultural understanding and Spanish abilities among students at Steele Elementary, while fostering leadership and community engagement among CC students. 

Colorado College Equestrian Team

Student Leaders: Settie Harrison (, Rosie Smith (

We are an intercollegiate equestrian team made up of riders of all levels from beginners to 3' jumpers. Our team travels from Nebraska to Wyoming and competes in four to five IHSA shows throughout the year. Even if competing isn't for you, you can still be a part of the team activities and group lessons!

The Freerider’s Union of Colorado College (F.U.C.C.)

Student Leader: Amy Raymond (

We are the ski and ride club! We run the buses to the resorts on the weekends, host movies, and throw a rail jam on campus. Don't forget about our Winterfest!

Colorado College Girls Skate Club

Student Leaders: Jane Hatfield (, Isabella Valente (

A student organization aiming to create a safe space for women on campus and young girls in the community to have the chance to learn how to skateboard, build community, and have stokey fun! Skateboarding is a sport and culture dominated by males, but we hope to make it accessible to girls as a form of expression, exercise, and a life-long hobby. Girls skate at 7:15 pm on Tuesdays outside Tutt Science and sign-ups for application for giving YMCA skateboard lessons will be on Summit after first Clubs fair!


Student Leaders: Willa Serling (, Madie Alexander (

GlobeMed is a student organization that is dedicated to increasing the visibility and awareness of global health issues with the goal of improving health disparities around the world.  GlobeMed at Colorado College is partnered with Western Organization of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Western Kenya to improve the health of vulnerable communities.  We invite all members of the CC community to engage in debate, advocacy and service in the issues of global health, health of underserved populations in the United States, humanitarian relief, international development, and health policy.


Student Leaders: Cait McHale (

Grow is a student organization that advocates for mental health concerns in the Colorado College community. Weekly meetings offer support for students with eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, panic disorders, addictive behaviors, and for students with occasional need of support and their allies. The group is not restricted to students who require mental health services, but rather provides the opportunity for all students to discuss their mental state in an open forum. Activities in the meetings focus on positive group support strategies. These activities address common triggers in the college community, such as: control, guilt, trauma, responsibility, social-norms, and an array of similar triggers. Additionally, Grow sponsors advocacy events throughout the year, to provide the Colorado College community with information regarding mental health, eating disorders and wellness. Grow is one of many advocacy and support groups in the Colorado Springs community. Members are encouraged to attend as frequently or as infrequently as they desire. Grow leaders are happy to provide information and referrals for similar groups in Colorado Springs. We are first and foremost an advocacy group for Colorado College students.

Health Professions Club (HPC)

Student Leader: Alma Jukic (, Megan Viozzi (

Health Professions Club (HPC) provides additional resources, guidance, and advice to students intending to follow a career in the health professions: dental, medical, optometry, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, etc. HPC emphasizes making a difference on the Colorado College campus and in Colorado Springs by providing connections to health professionals within the community.

Colorado College Hillel

Student Leaders: Elias Asher (, Ilana Rosenberg (

Hillel is Colorado College's Jewish student organization. All of our events, however, are open to everyone! We have weekly Shabbat dinners at the interfaith house and we also build a sukkah, put on Passover seder, enjoy a Rosh Hashana service in the mountains, and more every year. Join us next Friday night for Shabbat dinner!

The Investment Club

Student Leaders: Kevin Barry (; Nick Schulkin (

The Colorado College Investment Club strives to educate students about the basics of finance and investments through educational meetings and the management of a $92,000 portfolio. Our goal is to provide students of all backgrounds with the opportunity to find success in finance both personally and professionally.

J Street U Colorado College

Student Leaders: Rachel Powers (, Elam Boockvarklein (

This group works to find a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the Middle East and to ignite this difficult conversation on CC Campus. Movie screenings, discussions and food to come!

Justice Watch

Student Leader: Katie Wang (, Anjali Khanna (

The goal of Justice Watch is to be the eyes and ears of the community by addressing the lack of a group that independently monitors local judges and attorneys to keep them accountable for unfair treatment. It also seeks to address a lack of awareness, on the part of students, of what goes on in the justice system at a local level. To address these problems, Justice Watch brings students to the El Paso County courthouse to monitor these legal players. This group offers an opportunity for low time commitment volunteer work that has a high impact on the community and the members involved. The group drives students to the courthouse every second and third Monday of the block to observes/monitors court rooms for roughly one hour.

Korean American Student Association (KASA)

Student Leader: Jio Chang (, Clint Jung (

Our mission is to provide a space for Korean students and students who enjoy Korean culture to cultivate and celebrate Korean American culture.

Law Society

Student Leader: Tess Rubin (, Perry Lum (

Colorado College Law Society is a new student organization aiming to spark interest in current legal activity and support students pursuing legal careers. We are a space for all CC students interested in law, no matter their post-college plans. Throughout the school year, we will host speakers, discussions, and movie screenings to learn about the legal system and practice of law. In addition to our regular meetings, we support pre-law students in preparation for law school and the LSAT.

Llamapalooza Music & Arts Festival Committee

Student Leaders: Luci Kelemen (

The best of the best. The greatest music festival at CC. Saturated with fun, considered unbeatable by most.

Colorado College Learning Initiative in the Mountains (CCLIM)*

Student Leaders: Claire Altieri (, Anita Klaeser (, Jake Heiser (, Nathalie Reinstein ( 

CCLIM is a service organization that works with West Middle School students in Colorado Springs after school and on weekends. Our goals are to expose kids without experience to the outdoors and issues surrounding the environment as well as service. In addition, we aim to serve as mentors to middle school students and introduce them to a college environment.

Luso-Brazilian Club

Student Leaders: Jessica Ramos (, Brett Wisley (

The Luso-Brazilian Club at Colorado College provides a welcoming and enthusiastic atmosphere for all students who want to practice their Portuguese and get to know Brazilian culture through music, dance, games and food.

Math Club

Student Leaders: Vladimir Vintu (; Edgar Santos Vega (

The Math Club is a space and community for all interested in Math (not exclusive to math majors) where we learn and have fun with it! We discuss math topics, host math talks, plan social events, train for national competitions/exams, and take trips to math conferences.

Minority Association of Pre-health Students (MAPS)

Student Leaders: Rana Abdu (, Erica Um (

We explore cultural boundaries in health care and act as a support group.

Mock Trial

Student Leader: Taylor Hawkins (, Ian Roberson (

CC Mock Trial is one of the nation's top-ranked collegiate Mock Trial teams. We prepare a court case each year to compete in trial simulations at tournaments across the country. We learn about trial advocacy, public speaking, and acting by portraying lawyers and witnesses in a courtroom setting.

Model United Nations (MUN) 

Student Leaders: Mauro Miller (, James Hanafee (

The Model United Nations Club will encourage understanding in international security, health policy, environmental protection, human rights, and humanitarian aid by researching countries' positions and representing them at collegiate conferences. Members of the club will also strive to promote global awareness on campus.

Multicultural Organization of Students: An International Community (MOSAIC)

Student Leaders: Ethan Knowles (, Parker Rehmus (

The mission of MOSAIC is to bring awareness to multiculturalism and internationalism at Colorado College and the surrounding community. Mosaic not only provides a safe space for international students to organize and talk about their own culture and the realities of being an international student at CC, but it also provides an opportunity for CC students of U.S. nationality an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about multiculturalism and internationalism at CC.

Multi-Racial Affinity Group

Student Leaders: Marve Aguinaga (, Maise Poland (

MRA is an organization for multiracial students to explore and advocate for their intersectional racial and ethnic identities while simultaneously building community amongst each other. We will discuss, document, and critically examine the experiences of navigating multi-racial and multi-ethnic identities on campus as well as worldwide. All this will be done while celebrating and highlighting the diversity of our members heritage.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) on Campus

Student Leaders: Mikaela Burns (

NAMI on Campus works to end the stigma that makes it hard for students to talk about mental health and get the help they need. We hold creative meetings, innovative awareness events, and offer signature NAMI programs through partnership with NAMI Colorado Springs.  Our goal is to educate the campus community and advocate for improved mental health services and policies on campus.

Native American Student Union

Student Leaders: Jennifer Begay (, Monique Gaspar (

NASU supports indigenous and Native American students at Colorado College in safely and comfortably expressing their cultural elements while garnering a college education. NASU also seeks to educate a broader campus and community audience on indigenous and Native American cultures and issues while celebrating and highlighting the diversity of our heritage.

North Boys Enrichment Program*

Student Leaders: Silas Farewell-Mead (, Hannah Runyon (

The North Boys Enrichment Program is an opportunity to mentor at-risk males attending North Middle School. Each CC mentor is paired with a student from North and gets to serve as a role model, motivator, and tutor for this individual student. This program is a great chance to connect with the youth in our community and make a difference in a boy's life! Mentors pick students up at North Middle School and walk them to the CC campus for various activities, before returning the students back to North.

Poker Club

Student Leaders: Kevin Caruana (, Mitch Pearsall (

The Poker Club provides a platform for all members of the CC community to come together and form new relationships through the game of poker. All people, regardless of skill level, are greatly encouraged to join the club and attend educational workshops and games in an effort to contribute to a community of learning. 

Colorado College Pre-Vet Club

Student Leaders: Maddie Bodell (, Madison Sternitzky (

We seek to promote understanding about the various pathways to professional careers in veterinary medicine, wildlife conservation, animal husbandry, or other related professions, as well as provide support throughout the graduate-level application process.

CC Prison Project*

Student Leader: Lee O’Dowd (; Harry Volker (; Eloise Kelly (; Nicolette Gordillo-LaRiviere (

The mission of the Prison Project is prison reform advocacy and education on our campus. We believe that every person is complicit in the injustices of incarceration, so we must utilize our power and resources to make change in our community.

Colorado College QuestBridge Network

Student Leader: Emma Carlson (

Colorado College QuestBridge Scholars Network (CCQSN) is a chapter of QuestBridge, the national scholarship organization, which provides a supportive community for QuestBridge scholars, and other low-income students on campus. CCQSN aims to provide a central space where low-income students can navigate educational and life opportunities. CCQSN strives to bridge the gap caused by socioeconomic differences by facilitating resources useful to low-income students.

Colorado College Refugee Alliance*

Student Leaders: Natalie Sarver (

We partner with Lutheran Family Services Refugee and Asylee Programs to help refugees achieve self-sufficiency in the U.S.

Room 46 A Capella

Student Leader: Daniel Cabaniss (, Laila Marshall (

Room 46 is the coed a cappella group at Colorado College. We all love to sing and especially have an absolute blast dressing up and sharing our music with all our audiences. We take value in having a wide range of voices in our group, which forms a unique and full sound. We sing a variety of different genres from the '20s to current pop music and perform at local events in the community and on campus. We hold auditions each semester, so if you're interested in joining our group please email! You can also find us on Facebook and youtube. 

Roots: Homeless Collective

Student Leader: Abigail Ezell (; Jackie Bonasia (

We strive to empower all members of the community and enact social change surrounding homelessness in Colorado Springs. We carry out this vision by promoting humanizing and inclusive dialogue surrounding homelessness, providing empowering, creative programming for community members experiencing homelessness, and maintaining partnerships with local organizations such as Urban Peak. 

Sacred Grounds

Student Leaders: Emily Barga (, Allie Gish (

Located in Shove Chapel, Sacred Grounds is a student-based, sustainable coffeehouse and study space for the Colorado College community to interact, plan events, access information, and build awareness and energy to make positive change happen. This space is for the students of Colorado College to collaborate and promote grassroots education, social responsibility, and active engagement. We are a venue for performance, art, music, and literature. All beverages offered in the coffeehouse are fare trade-certified, organic, and non-alcoholic, as we promote a substance-free zone. Our main goal is to provide a safe and inclusive space for students to carry out their academic and creative endeavors. Through supportive community, dialogue, passion, and expression we strive to join the campus folk over delightful drinks for student-run events.

Students for the Awareness South Asia (SASA)

Student Leaders: Ayush Chitrakar (, Saluja Siwakoti (

We aim to promote awareness for South Asia, create a safe space for South Asian students, and celebrate diversity.

Scholastic Bowl

Student Leader: Pranav Sai (, James Hanafee (

Would you like to flex your brain muscle? Join the Scholastic Bowl team! Scholastic Bowl is a team based trivia competition where competitors use buzzers to answer questions in a plethora of topics ranging from history, mathematics, literature, pop culture, and much more. Whether you have never touched a buzzer or dream about the teachings of John Locke, Join the team if you generally enjoy knowledge!

Colorado College Science Outreach*

Student Leader: Alex Barone-Camp (, Leo Brausel (

Science Outreach Club provides lab experiences for Audubon Elementary School, a school underfunded for science programming. We go to Audubon 1-2 times each block, and work with 3rd-5th grade students. We do a wide variety of experiments, and no "science" knowledge is required -- we welcome anyone interested! We also host occasional on-campus events for elementary age students.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

Student Leaders: Jerrell Cockerham (, Hank Li (

As a Colorado College chapter, we are part of the SIAM international network of mathematicians and scientists who aim to build cooperation between mathematics and the worlds of sciences and technology. We invite guest speakers to give lectures at CC, organize field trips to learn about research at other universities and institutions, organize workshops, plan social events and provide opportunities to share mathematics-related research. 


Student Leader: Katie Damas (, Nikita Cano (

SOMOS seeks to bring together students of all backgrounds in an effort to learn about Latinx/Hispanic-related topics and current events. We look at current events and issues keeping a pan-ethnic identity in mind and also looking at all members of the Latinx community with this focus in mind.

Sounds of Colorado College (SOCC)

Student Leader: Maya Day ( 

The SOCC is the student-led organization on campus that manages a campus radio station and music blog in addition to putting on monthly live music events featuring student bands and/or smaller up and coming bands. Our programming is expanding to include more educational events and workshops. 


Student Co-Directors: Rayn Fox (, Elianna Clayton ( 

SpeakEasy is a spoken word poetry group that focuses on the artistic development of its members through weekly workshops and practices. The group performs each block to provide the student population with their monthly dose of bars, rhymes, lines, and untold stories.

Spikeball Institution of Colorado College (S.I.C.C.)

Student Leaders: Samantha Sanson (, Natalie Gubbay (

Our club seeks to spread the game of Spikeball throughout campus providing people with a community, new friendships, exercise, and memories they can cherish for a lifetime.

Colorado College Spoon University

Student Leaders: Sam Aronson (, Arielle Gordon (

Spoon University is the everyday food resource for our generation, on a mission to make food make sense. Our chapter helps to bring student based food to campus through cooking events, catering opportunities, and club dinners. In addition, we as a club write and publish articles to a national site and gain as many as 100,000 views or publish photos to our instagram with almost 1,000 followers!  We are always looking for more writers, food photographers and general foodies to join! 

Student Anthropological Society

Student Leaders: Emma Paradiso (, Willa Serling (

The Colorado College Student Anthropological Society (SAS) is an on-campus organization devoted to promoting and spreading anthropological knowledge within the anthropology department and throughout the Colorado College community. The organization was originally founded in 1995, and was re-vamped by Nikki Mills and Sophia Pray in the fall of 2018. This club serves as a place to discuss anthropological ideas, promote interdisciplinary exposure to the four sub-fields, and, as a whole, expand Colorado College’s anthropological community. 

All community members are welcome to attend meetings and events. SAS leadership is chosen at the end of the year based on feedback from regular attendees. Final decisions are made by outgoing leaders. There are three primary leadership positions: two co-presidents and a secretary. For the current academic year (2019-2020) Emma Paradiso and Willa Serling occupy the co-president positions. Joshua Birndorf is acting secretary.  The society convenes on the first Tuesday of every block at 12:15pm, and hosts regular events throughout the year including lunches, film screenings, field trips, and, of course, Anthropology Day. 

Student Organization for Sexual Safety (SOSS)

Student Leaders: Eloise Kelly (, Salena Prinzmetal (

The Student Organization for Sexual Safety (SOSS) is a student coalition of passionate allies, survivors, and advocates who are dedicated to creating a healthy and safe sexual climate, as well as shifting the culture on Colorado College's campus towards ending sexual violence. We tackle issues through varied and intersectional lenses such as rape culture, sexual assault, rape, intimate partner violence, and other forms of abuse and trauma, while also celebrating and promoting healthy, pleasurable, and consensual intimate experiences. SOSS provides students with a platform to question and understand the intricacies of these issues and the ways in which they influence our community.

Student Title IX Assistance and Resource Team (START)

Student Leader: Susanna Penfield (, Elliott William (

Student Title IX Assistance and Resource Team (START) exists to provide survivors of intimate partner violence, rape, and sexual violence of any kind with advocacy support. By working closely with the sexual assault response coordinator (SARC) and Title IX team, Peer Advocates for Students hopes to improve the experiences of students involved in Title IX cases at Colorado College. Peer Advocates for Students complete over 40 hours of Trauma Informed Care Student Advocacy Training. We provide support for students regardless of gender identity, sexuality, race, ethnicity, economic background, disability status, religion, or age.

Sunrise Movement

Student Leaders: Brita Mackey (, Jane Hatfield (

We partner with West Elementary School to mentor 4th and 5th grade students throughout the school year. Mentees are brought to the CC campus and other locations around the Springs to do after school activities with their mentors on the first three Wednesdays of each block from 3-5pm.

Tone Commandments

Student Leaders: Ilana Rosenberg (; Zach Benevento-Zahner (

The Tone Commandments purpose is to provide an inclusive space for people of all singing abilities to belt their heart out. The Tone Commandments will provide an opportunity for those who would not normally feel comfortable in, or do not have the experience to join, the traditional a capella groups on campus.

Tesla Mentors

Student Leaders: Cam Kaplan (; LaNiah Moon (

Tesla Mentors are a group of CC students (mostly bridge) who volunteer at Tesla High School, and help the students goal-set and create good post-high school plans.

Tigers SpeedSkating Team

Student Leaders: Emerald Green (

We are a group of students who love to skate fast on ice! If you have never ice skated before, we welcome beginners. Many of our best skaters were new to ice skating. If you are a figure skater or hockey player who wants to improve the power in your stroke, we can help. We have local competition, for those who want to compete, but we work with all levels of skaters.  

Volunteer Action*

Student Leaders: Lily Fitzpatrick (

We partner with West Elementary School to mentor 4th and 5th grade students throughout the school year. Mentees are brought to the CC campus and other locations around the Springs to do after school activities with their mentors on the first three Wednesdays of each block from 3-5pm.

Women in Business

Student Leaders: Sophia Quick (, Anastasiia Kharitonova (

The purpose of the Colorado College Women in Business Club is to create an environment that encourages the development and empowerment of women in all business fields, while promoting gender equity. WIB’s benefit to the Colorado College community comes in the form of educating members, as well as opening WIB meetings on Mondays of second week (and hosting professional speakers) to allow all members of the community to sit in and learn about being a woman in the business world.

Women in STEM

Student Leaders: Elise Glaser (

The mission of our group is to create a network and community of Colorado College women in the hard science, technology, engineering, and math fields. We hope to unite the women in STEM not only to foster a sense of unity but also to inspire younger women to continue pursuing the STEM fields. We achieve this through informal mentorships between upper and underclassmen, and working with local middle and lower school age girls.

XR (VR) Club

Student Leaders: Madeline Smith (; Galen Duran (

XR Club focuses on bringing virtual, augmented, and mixed reality to the CC community. We work closely with ITS on a wide range of projects. We encourage professors to use VR in the classroom, we assist students with projects in VR, and we provide blockly opportunities for students to come together and enjoy playing with XR! We are a pretty new club, so there are lots of opportunities for leadership and club growth! If you have any questions or ideas, email or for more information.