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Women’s Educational Society (WES)

Check-out Privileges:

-Books/Scores Check-out: 30 days
-Periodical Check-out: N/A
-Video/DVD Check-out: N/A
-Video/DVD Limit: N/A
-CD checkout: N/A – CD Limit: N/A
-Cassettes, LPs, Reel-to-Reel: N/A
-Cassettes, LPs, Reel-to-Reel limit: N/A
-Renewals: 1
-Fines: Are applied + billing
-Recall: No
-Headphones: Yes


-Prospector: N/A

Entering card in Millennium:

  1. Ask for picture id and current address.
  2. Check for patron in database for previous card.
  3. If not in database, ask patron to complete a General Application card.
  4. Click on NEW icon.
  5. Click on "Women’s Educ Society" template, then click on SELECT.
  6. For expiration date use tomorrow and the next year. Then click NEXT.
  7. Enter patron’s name: last, first, initial (i.e. Doe, John M). Then click NEXT.
  8. Address box: First line is for street (1021 N Cascade Avenue), second is for city, state, zip (Colorado Springs, CO 80903). Then click NEXT.
  9. For telephone number: enter phone number. No out of State Alumni Cards.
  10. Skip barcode. (Patron will be allowed to check out items, but card will be issued later. See #13.)
  11. For the E-Mail address, Type in address. Then click NEXT
  12. SAVE AND CLOSE the card. Now it is ready for check-out.
  13. EXPLAIN TO PATRON: We will forward application to Tutt Library who will verify WES status. Tutt will issue and mail the WES Patron Card to the patron. Process takes about two weeks.