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Visiting/Part-time Faculty

Check-out Privileges:

-Books/Scores Check-out: 30 days 
-Periodical Check-out: Spec Permission
-DVD/VHS/Laser Video Check-out: 7 days
-DVD/VHS/Laser Video Limit: 20 per card
-CD Check-out: 7 days
-CD Limit: 30 per card
-Cassettes, LPs, Reel-to-Reel: 7 days
-Cassettes, LPs, Reel-to-Reel limit: 5 per card
-Renewals: 1
-Fines: No, also cancel Prospector fines
-Recall: Yes
-Headphones: Yes


-ILL: 4 Weeks (No Renewal)
-Prospector: 3 Weeks (1 Renewal)

Entering card in Millennium:

  1. Scan the Gold Card to see if it’s in the Database.
  2. If not, click on NEW Icon on top navigation bar.
  3. Scroll down to “ptfaculty” – click on it, then click SELECT.
  4. Message boxes will appear that need to be filled in.
  5. First box will be the Expiration Date — ask Patron for the last block he/she will be teaching, or last date of employment contract for Para-professionals. Use that date as expiration date.
  6. For Patron Name, fill in the Last, First M (i.e. Doe, John M). Then click NEXT.
  7. For Address fill in Dept — click in line under this and fill in Building and Office. Then click NEXT.
  8. For Telephone, use office Extension. Then click NEXT.
  9. Patron Barcode: swipe card through reader. Then click NEXT.
  10. For E-Mail, type in address. Then click NEXT.
  11. Click on SAVE.