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Summer Conference

(The summer programs held @ CC)

Check-out Privileges:

-Books/Scores Check-out: 1 day before expiration date
-Periodical Check-out: N/A
-Video/DVD Check-out: N/A
-Video/DVD Limit: N/A
-CD checkout: 5 days
-CD Limit: 10 per card
-Cassettes, LPs, Reel-to-Reel: N/A
-Cassettes, LPs, Reel-to-Reel limit: N/A
-Renewals: N/A
-Fines: Are applied + billing
-Recall: N/A
-Headphones: Yes

-Prospector: N/A

Entering card in Millennium:

  1. Ask for a Picture ID and proof of conference or program.
  2. If he/she doesn’t have a Gold Card, issue a barcode on the ID tag.
  3. Patron will need to fill out a Student/Summer Application card.
  4. Click on the NEW icon on the top navigation bar.
  5. Click on the "Summer Conference" template for card type, then click SELECT.
  6. Message boxes will appear as you need them.
  7. EXPIRATION DATE: enter the day before the patron’s conference is ending. Then click NEXT.
  8. First box is Patron Name: Type Last, First, Initial (i.e. Doe, John H). Then click NEXT.
  9. For Address: type in Worner box or home address. Then click NEXT.
  10. For telephone: type in phone number. Then click NEXT.
  11. Patron Barcode: swipe the Gold Card or scan the barcode on the ID tag. Then click NEXT.
  12. For Message box, type in the name of the program, beginning and ending dates.
  13. If there is a campus address, add a second address field. Click on INSERT FIELD, then click ADDRESS2, then click OK. Type in the permanent home address.
  14. For Email Address, type in address. Then click on next.
  15. Click on SAVE.