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Student (1st, 2nd, 3rd Years)

Check-out Privileges:

-Books/Scores Check-out: 30 days
-Books/Scores Limit: 25
-DVD/Video Check-out: 24 hrs.
-DVD/Video Limit: 2
-CD checkout: 5 days
-CD Limit: 10
-Cassettes, LPs, Reel-to-Reel: N/A
-Cassettes, LPs, Reel-to-Reel limit: N/A
-Periodical Check-out: Spec Permission
-Renewals: 1 — No Renewals for CDs/DVDs
-Fines: applied + billing 
(Books/Scores) No fines, except for reserve materials
(CDs/DVDs) $2.00/Day, no grace period
-Recall: Yes
-Headphones: Yes


ILL: 4 Weeks (No Renewal)
Prospector: 21 days (1 Renewal)

Entering card in Millennium:

  1. Scan the Gold Card to see if it’s in the Database.
  2. If not, click on NEW icon on top navigation bar.
  3. Patron will need to fill out the Student/Summer Library Application card.
  4. Click on the Student Year you need for card type, then click on SELECT.
  5. Message boxes will appear as you need them.
  6. First box is Patron Name: type in Last, First, Initial (i.e. Doe, John M). Then click NEXT.
  7. For Address, type in Worner Box and number (i.e. WB 1000) or street address if applicable. Then click NEXT.
  8. Telephone: use campus extension or home/cell number. Then click NEXT.
  9. University Id: type in number from ID card minus last two digits and ignore zeros at beginning. Should be a six-digit number. (e.g. ID# 00021303601 would be entered as 213036). Then click NEXT.
  10. Patron barcode: swipe card through reader. Then click NEXT.
  11. For Email address, type in address. Then click NEXT.
  12. Then click SAVE or SAVE and CLOSE.