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Shelving is an integral part of Circulation.

When You Shelve

  1. Straighten as you go.
  2. NEVER lay books at the end of a section instead of shelving them.
  3. Mention any problems (such as tight space) to a staff member.
  4. If you have any questions about call numbers, please ask!
  5. If you find duplicate call numbers or if a call number doesn’t look right, bring it to a staff member.
  6. Items that are too large to stand upright on the shelf (and are not part of the Oversize section) should be shelved spine down making sure call number is accessible.

Protecting the Collection

Library materials cost a considerable amount of money. Books, scores, and recordings go out of print and may become irreplaceable. Please do the following to protect our valuable materials:

  • Do not attach paper clips to book/score pages for any reason, and remove them from any item book in the collection. They cause paper tears and rust stains.
  • Do not wedge or pack books tightly on a shelf. This may damage the binding
  • Remove damaged materials and put in Cataloging Office with a note that item needs mending.
  • Post-it notes should not be used; the adhesive removes the ink from the page.
  • Store vinyl records in a vertical position.
  • Handle all sound/video items with care.
  • Many scores have multiple parts. Be certain that you check each item (upon check-out and –in) to see that all parts are present. Multi-part items have a label in the upper left-hand corner, describing how many scores and parts constitute the item in hand.