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Reserves Check-out Policy/Procedure

Check-out policy:

-Check-out: 4 Hours, in-house
-Book Limit: 10
-Video Check-out: 4 Hours, in-house
-Video/Sound Recording Limit: 10
-DVD/Sound Recording Check-out: 4 Hours, in-house
-Periodical Check-out: N/A
-Recall: N/A
-Fines: Are Applied + Billing
-Renewals: for one more checkout period
-Headphones: Yes
-Prospector: N/A

Check-out procedure:

  1. Ask for Gold Card (Reserves only check out with school ID).
  2. Scan card.
  3. Reserve materials do not leave the library
  4. Videos and DVD’s do not leave the library unless the Professor asks.
  5. Reserve items can be checked out overnight (except for A/V materials).
  6. If a reserve item is checked out for overnight, the item must be checked out in the last hour of library day. The item must be checked in before the first hour of the next day.
  7. There is a $5.00 fine for late items.
  8. No Prospector or Ill may be placed on reserve (copyright rules).