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Request for Transfer of Fines

When a student wants to have his/her student account charged for overdue fines and/or replacement fees, a Request for Transfer of Fines form must be completed.


Verify amount of fines owed with the student.
Have the student complete and sign the Request for Transfer of Fines form.
Give the completed form to the Music Library Circulation Services Coordinator.
She will waive the charges from the student’s patron account and send the completed form to Tutt along with the fines receipt showing a balance of zero on the student’s patron account.
Once the signed form is received by Tutt, the student business account will be charged for the total amount on the form.

Student privileges are restored immediately upon completion of the form. It is not necessary to wait until the fines are cleared from the patron account. Just make sure the ML Circulation Services Coordinator is made aware of the situation.