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Registering Patrons

When to:

  1. If you look them up and can’t find them.
  2. If the card number has changed (USE EDITNOT NEW)
  3. If changing TYPE of patron record.

How to: See individual patron type for specific instructions.

IMPORTANT – PO BOX ADDRESSES: When a patron wants to use a PO Box as a mailing address, put the PO Box address in the first Address box. Ask the person for a physical street address and put this address in the Address2 box. Explain that we just need this for our records. The “Address2” box is suppressed from view and this will insure that notices are mailed to the PO Box.

Types of Patrons:

  1. Alumni
  2. Community Borrower (CB)
  3. Dependent / Spouse
  4. Faculty
  5. Staff
  6. Student (1st, 2nd, 3rd years)
  7. Student (4th, 5th years)
  8. Summer Institute
  9. Visiting / Part-time Faculty / Paraprofs
  10. WES (Women’s Educational Society)