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Music Library Prospector Procedures

  • Tutt Circulation staff currently prints out Prospector paging slips several times a day. Paging slips for Music Library items will be placed in a wire basket on a shelf dedicated to the Music Library (on wooden Prospector shelving).
  • Music Library staff will call each day to ask if we have paging slips. If we do, Tutt circ staff will read off title, barcode, and call # to Music Library staff. (If the number of slips is too many to read over the phone, Music Library will have someone pick up the paging slips.)
  • If the Prospector requests are taken over the phone, a student worker will pull the items from the Music Library stacks, take them over to Tutt, insert the paging slips from the wire basket into the appropriate items, and return items to the wire basket for processing. (If paging slips were picked up first, staff will insert the paging slips as the items are pulled from the Music Library stacks so items will already have the paging slips when taken over to Tutt.) A Tutt staff member must be informed when outgoing items for Prospector have been placed in the wire basket.
  • After placing the Prospector requested items in the wire basket, the student worker will check the area next to the wire basket for items that are being returned to the Music Library from other Prospector libraries.
  • If the requested item(s) cannot be found, notify the Circulation Services Coordinator. The Prospector hold will be cancelled and the status changed to missing, or on search, in Millennium.
  • After picking up Music Library items from Tutt that have been returned from Prospector, ML circ staff will check in the items again at the ML circ desk.

Each year all Prospector libraries search for lost/missing items from the previous year. Mike will notify Music Library staff of their items on this list so that items can be declared lost through Prospector and reordered if need be.