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General Information

Anyone wishing to check out library materials must have a patron card and fall into one of our patron categories.

CC Students
CC Faculty
CC Staff
CC Spouses and Dependents
CC Alumni
Community Borrowers
Summer Institute
Visiting / Part-time Faculty / Paraprofs
WES (Women’s Educational Society)

If anyone wishes to check out material and is not in the system, he/she must complete an application for Tutt Library Privileges (includes Albert Seay Library of Music and Art). There are three different applications:

Purple Form/General Application - for community borrowers, dependent/spouse, and alumni.
Orange Form/Student/Summer Application - for students, summer conferences and MAT programs.
Green Form/Employee Application - for faculty, visiting faculty, paraprofessionals and staff.

This process only takes a few minutes, and if all necessary information is available, patron is given immediate privileges. See “Registering Patrons” for how to register new patrons and for the specific loan rules assigned to each type.