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Check-out Privileges:

-Books/Scores Check-out: 5 items for 30 days
-Periodical Check-out: N/A
-DVD Check-out: 24 hours 
-DVD Limit: 3 per card
-VHS Video Check-out: 3 days
-VHS Video Limit: 5 per card
-CD Check-out: 5 days
-CD Limit: 10
-Cassettes, LPs, Reel-to-Reel: 7 days
-Cassettes, LPs, Reel-to-Reel limit: 5 per card
-Renewals: 2, no CD renewals
-Fines: Are applied + billing
-Recall: Yes
-Headphones: Yes


-ILL: Yes
-Prospector: Yes, Limit 3, 3 weeks w/1 renewal

In-House Privileges:

-Video Viewing: For academic use only
-Computers: Academic research only
-Printing: $.10 per page
-No E-mail, or Word Processing

Entering a card in Millennium:

  1. Ask for patron ID (gold card) and check database for previous card.
  2. If not in database, ask patron to complete a General Application card.
  3. To enter new patron, click on NEW icon
  4. Click on DEP/SPOUSE template, then click on SELECT.
  5. Enter expiration date: next day plus one year.
  6. Fill in “Notice Preference” (phone, email, print)—Email is preferred.
  7. Enter patron’s name: Last, first, initial (i.e. Doe, John M). Then click NEXT.
  8. Enter home address:  First line is for street (1021 N Cascade Avenue), second is for city, state, zip (Colorado Springs, CO 80903).  Then click NEXT.
  9. Telephone: Obtain both home and cell, if appropriate. Then click on NEXT.
  10. Make sure name of dependent’s CC employee/sponsor is noted on the Application card, including relationship, department and telephone ext. Add this info in an “xnote” in the patron record.
  11. Patron barcode: swipe card through the reader. Then click NEXT.
  12. For the E-Mail address, type in the address. Then click NEXT.
  13. Last step SAVE AND CLOSE the card. Now it is ready for check-out.