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Creating Course Reserves Records in Millennium

Procedure for adding a reserves course:

  1. Click on Course Reserves Icon
  2. Click on New
  3. Login (if necessary)
  4. Begin Date: Enter date block starts
  5. End Date: Ender date block ends
  6. Location: Type XMRS
  7. Professor: Type in last name of professor (In CAPS)
  8. Course: Type in Course initials and number (e.g. MU 109)
  9. Course note: Type in block number
  10. Click on Save Icon
  11. Reserves Course is now completed.

Adding items to reserve courses:

  1. Click on Course Reserves Icon
  2. Pull up course by professor’s name or course name.
  3. Click on Add Items
  4. Login (if necessary)
  5. Add items by barcode. Click on pull-down menu and go to barcode.
  6. Scan Barcode.
  7. Click on Add selected item(s)
  8. In Course Reserves Setting Box:
    • Change location to XMRS
    • Change item type to 15
    • Click OK – Item is now on Reserve.