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Community Borrower (Seay Library)

Check-out Privileges:

-Books/Scores Check-out: 3* items for 30 days
-Periodical Check-out: N/A
-DVD/Video Check-out: N/A
-DVD/Video Limit: N/A
-CD checkout: N/A
-CD Limit: N/A
-Cassettes, LPs, Reel-to-Reel: N/A
-Cassettes, LPs, Reel-to-Reel limit: N/A
-Renewals: 2
-Fines: Are applied + billing
-Recall: N/A
-Headphones: Yes

*(System limits to 3 items. Music Library has no limit, within reason. Need Supervisor override for more than three items.)


Prospector: N/A

In-House Privileges:

-Video Viewing: N/A
-Computers: Academic Research Only
-Listening/viewing: in library only
-No E-mail, or Word Processing
-Printing: No Charge

Entering Card in Millennium:

  1. Ask for Picture ID, form of current Address and the card of the 
    Library in Colorado with which they are affiliated. Please check the Directory of Colorado Library Card Participants or the Prospector alliance of libraries to confirm library affiliation. Check our database for any previous record.
  2. If not in database then click on NEW icon.
  3. Click on "Community Borrower" template. Then click on SELECT.
  4. Use tomorrow and the next year for expiration date. Then click NEXT.
  5. Enter Patron name: Last, First, Initial (i.e. Doe, John, M). Then click NEXT.
  6. Address box: First line is for street (1021 N. Cascade Avenue), second is for city, state, zip (Colorado Springs, CO 80903). Then click NEXT.
  7. Telephone: Obtain both home and cell, if appropriate. Then click NEXT.
  8. Patron barcode: get barcode from “Forms Shelf” and put on patron library or ID card; scan the barcode. (If the barcode is a duplicate, then close the window you are in, finish with card and ask a supervisor for help). If okay, then click NEXT.
  9. For the Message Box use the Initials of the Public Library they are from (i.e. PPLDSPLDPLMSPL, etc). Then click NEXT.
  10. For E-mail address, type in address. Then Click on NEXT.
  11. Fill in “Notice Preference” (phone, email, print). Email is preferred.
  12. Last but not least, SAVE the card. Then you can check-out.