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Circulation Procedures

Check-Out | Check-In | Loan Rules | Renewals (By Patron) | Renewals (By Item) | Recalls | Holds | 24-Hour Hold | Searches/Traces | Count Use | Clipboards | Manual Check-out/Override Form | Manual Holds | Faculty Check-out Log | Fines | On-the-Fly Records


  1. Click on the CIRCULATION DESK icon on the left side of navigation bar.
  2. Make sure the cursor is blinking in the “Key or scan patron barcode” box.
  3. Scan or key (type) in the patron barcode. If the card does not scan or the tiger number is not right, type in the person’s name. (Type the letter “n” then the last name, first name with no spaces between the “n” and the last name). Click on the SEARCH box or press enter.
  4. Now scan the items to be checked out.
  5. The due date(s) will appear along with the title and barcodes of the items checked out. Please look and verify that all items have been checked out on the patron’s card.
  6. Then click on CLOSE. The system will print a receipt automatically unless you selected not to print at the start of this transaction.
  7. Give receipt to patron and verbally note the due date.

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  1. Click on the CHECK-IN icon on the left side of navigation bar.
  2. Make sure the cursor is blinking in the “Key or scan patron barcode” box.
  3. Scan or key (type) in the barcode.
  4. Click on SEARCH, or press the ENTER key.
  5. Look at the barcode you have scanned. Confirm information on screen matches item being checked in.
  6. Click on CLOSE or scan another item.
  7. Watch for messages such as holds, missing item found, billed status, or lost and paid. Ask a supervisor to explain how to check-in these items.

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Loan Rules

  • Library materials have different loan rules for different material types and for different patron types. These various rules are indicated on each information sheet for the various patron types and in the borrowing policies on the Music Library web pages. Please review to become familiar with the various rules and policies.
  • NOTE: Some items that must be used in the library and do not circulate (like CDs and videos) are set up with a 4-hour loan rule so they can be checked out for use in the library.

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Renewals (By Patron)

  1. Click on the CIRCULATION DESK icon on the left side of navigation bar.
  2. Scan or type in the patron library card number.
  3. Click on the file tab CHECK OUT ITEMS. This will list the items the patron has currently checked out.
  4. Click in the small box on the left of the barcode or click and drag mouse down items highlighting the items you want to renew. (The “Renew” box is grayed out until an item is “checked” or highlighted.)
  5. Click on RENEW. It is located above the list in the checked out items screen.
  6. It will then say item renewed, or can not renew item.
  7. If you see “can not renew,” get a supervisor.

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Renewals (By Item)

  1. Click on the RENEW icon on the left side of navigation bar.
  2. Scan or type in the barcode of item being renewed.
  3. Click on SEARCH, or press the ENTER key.
  4. The system will then ask you if you would like to renew the item checked out to “Patron’s Name” and the item barcode. Click on YES.
  5. The barcode, item title, and the new due date will be on screen.
  6. If you do not want to print a receipt, uncheck the “Print Slip” box. Then CLOSE.

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If an item is checked out for at least two (2) weeks, it can be recalled.

  1. Use the yellow Recall form.
  2. Have the patron print: name, phone number and date needed.
  3. Add the information for the item requested, date and initial the card.
  4. Give the form to a supervisor.

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Books being returned will have a message stating the book is on hold.

  1. Print the hold slip.
  2. Write the patron’s name on the slip, using the bottom edge.
  3. Date the hold slip for 10 days from the date of the check-in.
  4. Place on the Hold Shelf by Library Assistant’s desk – in ALPHABETICAL ORDER!
  5. Notify Patron that item is ready for pick-up, or ask staff to notify patron.

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24-Hour Hold

  1. Use the form “24 Hour Hold.”
  2. Print the last and first name. Date for the next day.
  3. Put on Hold Shelf by Library Assistant’s desk.
  4. No Videos, Periodicals, Thesis books or Reference Materials on the 24 Hour Hold Shelf.

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(See “Traces/Searches” listed separately)

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Count Use

This procedure is used to keep track of items that are used, but not checked out; for example, reference materials used in the library and left on reading tables. Before putting these items on the re-shelving cart or returning to rightful place on the shelf, please do the following:

  1. Open the Circulation Desk module (if not already opened).
  2. On the left side navigation bar, click on COUNT USE.
  3. The INTL USE button should be depressed (this is the default). If not, click INTL USE.
  4. Now you can scan the item(s).
  5. Click CLOSE, then UP ONE LEVEL to return to Circulation Desk mode.
  6. The items are now ready for re-shelving.

This is a good way to determine usage of items that do not leave the library.

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There are three clipboards with the following forms:
(1) Manual Check-Out/Override (kept in the wall file behind the Circulation Desk)
(2) Manual Holds (kept in the wall file behind the Circulation Desk), and
(3) Faculty Check-out Log (kept in the wall file at the front entrance to the library.

Manual Check-out/Override Form

Please use the “Manual Check-Out/Override Form” when you are unable to perform an automated transaction. This will include times when the network is “down” and you are unable to log into the system and whenever message prompts appear that require overrides or other authorizations requiring a supervisor’s approval. (For example, when a patron has reached his/her check-out limit, waiving of fines, extending a due date, checking out a non-circulating item, etc.)

If no supervisor is available to obtain approval, please use good judgment to determine whether or not the transaction is justified. If you feel the transaction is justified, perform the manual check-out insuring all necessary information is included on the form. A supervisor will check the clipboards each morning and edit the patron’s record to include the items that were manually checked out.

If you do not feel the transaction is justified or feel that you do not have the proper authority relating to the matter at hand, advise the patron that he/she will have to come back (or call) when a supervisor is available

If you are unsure about what to do and cannot get in touch with your supervisor, call the Tutt Circulation Night Supervisor (x6148) or Circulation Desk (x6184).

Manual Holds

The system does not allow student log-ins to process patron holds. If you get a request to put an item on hold, please pull item from the shelf, complete a “red” hold slip, insert hold slip in item, enter information on Manual Holds form, then place item on Hold Shelf in alphabetical order. Staff will enter into the system the following morning, or as soon as possible.

Faculty Check-out Log

This is a form for faculty to use when they are in the Music Library “after hours” and want to check-out items. They are required to complete the form and list the items they are checking out. A supervisor is responsible for checking these forms and may ask you to enter the items into the system.

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Books and Scores – No fines for students (Refer to Borrowing Policies for fines for other patron types)

Reserves (overnight) – $5.00/day for Reserves not returned at opening time of the library

Videos/CDs/DVDS – $2.00 per day (maximum $10.00 – 5 days)

If a student has accrued a fine of $50.00 or more, his/her privileges are blocked, including reserves and videos, until payment has been made and the fine has been reduced to less than $50.00. We will not accept payment of less than $1.00 unless the total amount owed is less than $1.00.
Fines should be paid at the Circulation desk. Checks are acceptable and should be made out to “Colorado College”. Students may not charge a fine to their Gold Card. However, they may transfer fines to their accounts if they exceed $10.00; any fines less than $10.00 cannot be transferred. To do this, have the student fill out a “Request for Transfer of Fines” form and leave it on the Circulation Coordinator’s desk. Have a supervisor override to enable the student to check out books while the transfer is being processed.

Non-CC patron privileges are blocked if accrued fines equal $10.00 or more.

Collect money and complete Cash Drawer receipt. Give receipt to patron; leave yellow copy for Cash Drawer records. Let supervisor know the fine has been collected so the amount can be removed from the patron’s record.

Filling out a receipt:

  1. Write in the Date.
  2. FROM = the Patron name of person paying.
  3. Write out amount paid on next line.
  4. In the FOR line, write in what he/she paid for (i.e. Overdues, Lost books).
  5. Please indicate how much for each type.
  6. In the TO line write (PIF) if paid in full or (PP) for partial pay.
  7. In the lower left-hand corner in PAID box, write the dollar amount paid, then under that line in DUE write a 0 if paid in full, or amount due if partial pay.
  8. Check one of the circles for cash or check.
  9. Put your initials on the line that says BY.

TO COLLECT MONEY IN MILLENNIUM – Authorized permissions only:
Click on the “Fines” tab in patron record. Highlight the fine(s) being paid (may select all at once if all fines are being paid). Click the “Collect Money” box. Input the amount being collected. If the total amount for a specific fine is not being paid, the system will prompt you to “waive remaining charges – Yes or No.” Select “no”—If you have authorization and want to waive the remaining charges, select “yes.” The Print Fines receipt box will appear; select “print” to print receipt or “no” if the patron does not need a receipt. Then complete the Cash Drawer receipt and put money in cash drawer.

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On-the-Fly Records

Use On-The-Fly For The Following:

  • Periodical checkouts to Faculty.
  • Reference books that have been approved by Music Librarian for check out.
  • Books in regular collection with barcode problems or no barcode.
  • Any time the Music Librarian gives a patron permission to check out a non-circulating item.

Procedure For On-The-Fly Check-Out:

Scan patron id card.
Scan “dummy barcode” (dummy barcodes are on “Forms Shelf” behind circ desk).
Screen will pop up. Click on NEW icon at top of active screen.
Select appropriate template: muperbib (periodical on-the-fly) — mubookbib (book on-the-fly) — muscorebib (score on-the-fly).
A series of pop up boxes will appear:

  1. Location box – should say “xmfly” — click on NEXT
  2. Title box—-TYPE IN TITLE (USEALLCAPS), click on NEXT
    *Duplicate Record Box may pop up here. Always click on Close at top of active screen. DO NOT ATTACH RECORDS.*
  3. New Item box appears. Select appropriate template: muperfly (periodical) – mubookfly (book) — muscorefly (score), click on SELECT.
  4. Call number—-Always begin with OTF ML, hit space bar, then type in volume information or date information, hit space bar and then add your initials. If the item you are creating an on-the-fly record for is not a periodical, put in call number or other information that will identify the item (must have “OTF ML” at beginning)– click NEXT.
  5. Item Record appears: make sure location is “xmfly.”
  6. Confirm location, call number and barcode.

Click on the SAVE icon at the top of the active screen.
Click on OK in the ON-THE-FLY Message Box.
Message Box appears: “Loanrule says ‘non-circulating’
Click “Override.” Item is now checked out.
Paper clip or tape the dummy barcode to item (depends on item type: score, book, cd, etc)

Check-In For On-The-Fly:

  1. Scan the barcode in the check-in program.
  2. It will ask if you want to check-in item? Click YES.
  3. Put the dummy barcode on top of the item and leave on the Circulation Services Coordinator’s desk. DO NOT put barcode back in drawer.

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