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Chamber Orchestra Library Check-out/Check-in Procedures

The Chamber Orchestra Library collection (COL) is available to members of performing organizations residing in the state of Colorado.  Patrons must be registered as a Community Borrower.  See the Circulation Procedures Manual for entering new patrons with Chamber Orchestra borrowing privileges. 

Patrons must contact and receive authorization from Dan Brink, the Chamber Orchestra Conductor, prior to checking out COL materials. The record in TIGER will instruct patrons to contact the Music Library for Dan’s information.  When you receive a request, give the patron Dan Brink’s CC email address and/or his office phone number (719-389-6551).

The COL collection is stored in Room 7 (Instrument Storage Room).  When a patron comes in to check-out or check-in COL materials, please follow procedure listed below:


  • Verify that authorization has been obtained from Dan Brink (this will be an email from Dan or message from music library staff); if not, explain to user that borrowing may not proceed until approval has been obtained.  Try to contact Dan or ask patron to contact Dan.
  • If proper authorization has been obtained, find out what works are being requested and see if the items are available in the catalog.
  • Advise patron of $20 fee which is required at time of check-out.** (The fee covers all items checked out at one visit, but is required each time a person checks out items from the collection.) If he/she is prepared to pay the $20, continue with rest of procedure.  If not, items may not be checked out.  Collect fee after the items have been retrieved.
  • Verify that the patron is registered.  If not, have him/her complete a General library application card (purple) and enter the new patron as a Community Borrower.  If patron does not have a Colorado Library Card or ID from an academic institution, he/she cannot check-out items.
  • Ask patron to read and sign two copies of the COL Rental Agreement (See Black Binder “Chamber Orchestra/Symphony Library Patrons).  Put one signed copy in the binder and give the second copy to patron along with a copy of the SYL-COL Information Sheet.
  • Retrieve the requested items from Room 7.
  • Collect $20 fee--cash or checks (payable to CC Music Library). Give patron receipt. Put money in designated envelope in Cash Drawer.  (Record payment in “Rental Fees Paid” Log in black binder; can be entered later.)
  • Give folders to patron and advise patron of due date. (Longer loan periods may be authorized by staff.)

**The $20 fee does not apply to music borrowed by the CC Summer Music Festival, the Colorado College Chamber Orchestra, or other official performing organizations within the Colorado College community.  However, if a CC student, staff or faculty member wishes to borrow material as a representative of a Colorado performing organization, the fee will apply.    


  • Check-in folder (barcode will be in upper right-hand corner).
  • Leave folder on book cart at the end of the circ desk with note that parts need to be checked against the parts list.
  • If there are any parts missing, give folder to Annette indicating the missing parts. 
  • If there are no parts missing, put folder on blue cart in the work room.