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All of our donated scores are currently being added to the catalog using brief records which are considered temporary cataloging records. This is a long-term project as we have boxes and boxes of donated items to catalog.

After a brief record has been created and approved, the item will be placed in Room 57 on the designated shelves. Call numbers are being created using a numerical format (x-xxxx, xx-xxxx)-- examples: 1-0005, 1-0003,10-0003. These will be shelved in numerical order, starting at the top shelf on the north wall.

When one of these items is requested for check-out, you will pull the item from the shelf, insert it into one of the colored, plastic, see-through envelopes that are on the shelf. Then you may check it out to the patron. Loan rule is the same as our circulating books and scores.

When an item in one of these plastic envelopes is returned, check it in and then give to Annette so she can create a full bibliographic record.