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Billed Items

(Checked-out to patron)

After the item has been overdue 1 month, the item’s status will automatically change to Billed.

Send Billed notice only after searching the Library.

Be sure to check record against bill to ensure notice is correct and current.

System will print 2 billing notices for 1 item spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart.

If you send the notice and have not received a reply, call and/or e-mail patron.

Still no reply after 2 weeks, follow these procedures:

  • Students: Bill and send to Business Office account. At end of month.
  • CLC: Block account, contact and block CLC library account.
  • RB: Block account, contact and block CLC and RB library accounts.
  • Faculty: Call and remind of items due.

Mark item(s) lost in bib record.

Bib services will run a list at required time.