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Seay Library Computer Use Policy for Public Patrons

Seay Library welcomes public patrons to use the rich resources of our library to carry out research. There are two computers designated for public use that provide access to all the library's resources including

  • TIGER online catalog
  • Periodical and reference databases licensed by Tutt
  • Government Document resources
  • Special Collections materials
  • Internet resources

Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis (no reservations); however, CC students always have priority use of these computers. During busy times you may be asked to surrender your computer if it is needed by a student. Ask at the Circulation Desk to be logged on. You must present a photo ID. Individuals are limited to one hour per day. No logins will be allowed 15 minutes before closing.

Please limit your printed pages to a maximum of 20. 

The primary purpose of this policy is to provide public access to academic library resources. We cannot support all of your computing needs. You may use the computers for all kinds of research, however the following activities are not allowed:

  • Commercial activities (including eBay and day trading)
  • Visiting adult Web sites
  • Games

Privacy Notice: Computers used by public patrons keep a history of searches until the computers are re-booted. Please be aware that these are public computers – be wary of disclosing account numbers and other sensitive information.

Colorado College is a private institution and our primary mission is to serve the educational needs of our students. We reserve the right to permanently ban any public patron from the library and to refuse access to computers. Public patrons who are discovered using library equipment to visit adult Web sites will be reported to Campus Safety and will be banned from the library. Disruptive individuals or groups will be asked to leave. Other rule infractions may result in being asked to leave.

This policy includes, but is not limited to, Pikes Peak Library District patrons, Community Borrowers, and visitors who are not affiliated with Colorado College.