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Capstone Reserve Shelves

  • Seay Library does not have study carrels.  We have assigned and labeled two shelves in Group Listening Rm. 59 for use by senior music majors who are working on their capstone projects: Capstone Reserve Shelf #1 and Capstone Reserve Shelf #2. This is not a secure space. Please do not leave your personal items in this room.
  • To reserve a shelf, the senior must sign the Capstone Reserve Shelf form (located in the Classroom Key Book on the Circulation Desk) and check-out any items that are to be kept on the shelf. Circulation staff will insert gold capstone reserve slips in all the books and scores that are checked out.
  • Reservations for Capstone Reserve Shelves are allowed for full blocks only and must be renewed before the end of the block.  If not renewed, the shelves will be cleared of all materials during block break.  Renewals are not allowed at the end of Block 4, but may be reserved for Block 5 on the first day of Block 5 classes.
  • Capstone students are responsible for keeping their materials current in order to avoid fines or replacement fees. 
  • Reference books and bound theses may not be placed on Capstone Reserve Shelves. 
  • Drinks are allowed in covered containers only.