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View My Record

Top 5 Reasons to Use the View my Record Option

  1. Because you memorized the 10 digit number on your Gold Card.
  2. You really need that book from Prospector.
  3. So the catalog can do your searching for you.
  4. To renew your books without going to the library.
  5. To see where the Prospector book you really need is right now.

Why use View My Library Record?

View my library records lets you login to TIGER, the catalog of the Colorado College Library. By logging in you can find what items you currently have checked out, renew those items, search the catalog, and perform preferred searches.

How Do I Use View My Library Record?

In the “Login” section of the library home page, look for “TIGER – your library account.” There are also links for “my TIGER record” within TIGER itself. You can also go directly to the login screen from here.

Remember, you can always ask a librarian for additional help: Email or IM (to the left).

This page is part of FYE Central, brief guides to Tutt Library and college research.