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Using the TIGER Catalog

What is TIGER?

TIGER is the catalog of the Colorado College Library. You can use TIGER to find out what books are owned by the library, where those books are shelved, and whether someone else already has the book checked out. In addition to books, you will find videos, CD-ROMs, government documents, manuscripts, and all the other kinds of things that are in the library. There are even links to websites, online journals, and electronic books in TIGER.

Using TIGER, you can find out what magazines, journals, and newspapers the library subscribes to, but you won’t be able to search for individual journal articles. For that, you will need an article index (see the FYE Central section on Finding Articles).

How Do I Use TIGER?

Unlike a World Wide Web search engine, where you usually only have one search box and can only search by keyword, TIGER allows you to search by author, title, subject, and more. That makes it a little more complicated, but much more powerful.