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About Academic Libraries

Academic libraries have missions unique to their settings. They are unlike high school or public libraries in many ways. Even if you felt comfortable in your high school library or local public library, Tutt Library will be a new experience!

Often new students:

  1. Feel like they somehow ought to already know how to use an academic library.
  2. Believe that their fellow students know more than they do about using the library.

These are natural feelings, but in reality, becoming proficient at knowing about and using the many resources at Tutt Library is a learned experience. You will have many opportunities in the course of writing papers for classes to come to Tutt Library and explore its many resources. The librarian at the Reference Desk is your personal, friendly guide to research at Tutt. We hope you will comfortable approaching (or calling) the Reference Desk for assistance.

We also have liaison librarians who serve as subject specialists to academic departments. You may also contact one of these librarians to set up an appointment for a one-on-one help with your research.

Our Mission

"The mission of Tutt Library is to provide bibliographic, intellectual, and physical access to knowledge and information, to support the educational aims of Colorado College, and to promote continued independent learning."

This page is part of FYE Central, brief guides to Tutt Library and college research.