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Librarians Assigned to FYE Courses: Fall 2014

Course Number Title Librarian Faculty Faculty
PY101 Introduction to Psychology Rebecca Roberts, Tomi-Ann Holmes, Kevin
PS115/EN115 Concepts of Freedom from Ancient to Modern Times McKinley Fuller, Tim/Simons, John Fuller, Tim/Simons, John
MU182 Emotion and Meaning in Music Daryll Grace, Michael Banagale, Ryan
ED250/ED250 Beyond the Schoolyard: Presentations of Teaching and Learning Diane Whitaker, Manya Freeman, Traci
SO100/SO240 Thinking Sociologically/Law and Society Diane Murphy-Geiss, Gail Murphy-Geiss, Gail
PH260/PH203 Existential Philosophy/Meaning in Life Jeremy Furtak, Rick Rosensweig
RS200/RU101 Elementary Russian Jessy Pavlenko, Alexei/Khan, Natalia Pavlenko, Alexei/Khan, Natalia
GS101 Freedom and Authority Jessy/Jeremy Cramer, Owen Erickson, Stefan
CN101/CN250 Elementary Chinese/Chinese Language and Culture Lisa Jiang, Hong Jiang, Hong
EN280? Southwest US Literature Lisa Cucher, Michael Cucher, Michael
JA130/JA250 Japanese Culture/Interpreting Asian Cultures Lisa (tent.) Ericson, Joan Ericson, Joan
SW [course number] Southwest Studies Lisa Guerra, Santiago TBA
PS203  The Search for Islamic Order McKinley Lee, Bob Lee, Bob
PS203/EV260 Topics in Environmental Social Sciences/Going Green: American Environmental Politics in Theory and Practice McKinley McKendry, Corina McKendry, Corina
PS103 Fundamental Debates on the Common Good McKinley  Grace, Eve Grace, Eve
PS100/MU227 Great Ideas in Politics and Music McKinley/Daryll Cronin, Tom Cronin, Tania
BY101 Biophysics Rebecca Lang, Kristine/Lostroh, Phoebe Lang, Kristine/Lostroh, Phoebe
CH107/CH100 Studies in Chemistry: "The Science of Painted Art" Rebecca Brasuel, Murphy Bowman, Amanda
GY140/GY150 Physical Geology/Environmental Geology Rebecca Noblett, Jeff Noblett, Jeff
PC123/PC124 Scientific Revolutions Rebecca Whitten,Barbara Hilt, Richard
AN207/AN208 Primate Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation/Topics in Anthropology: Non-human Primates Shelley Fish, Krista Weinstein, Laurie and David
FG136/PY160~FG160 Women and the Body/Women and Madness Shelley Olive, Tonya Waters, Tricia
GS222 Our Daily Bread: Food Journalism and Modern American Food Movements Shelley Alters, Diane Eastburn, Kathryn
HY104 Culture, Society, and History Shelley Murphy, Jane Dubreuil, Jessie
HY [course number] Brazilian Civilization Shelley Blasenheim, Peter Wood, Naomi
CO [course number] Transforming the World with Words: Literature, Film, and Social Change Steve Decker, Michelle Decker, Michelle
ES [course number] The Politics of the Global African Diaspora in Literature and Film Steve Garcia, Claire, Sakho, Moctar Sakho, Moctar
FM102 Introduction to Film Studies/Basic Filmmaking Steve  Visitor (TBD) Haskell, Clay
GR121/GR101 Wild Berlin: An Introduction to German Cinema, Cultures, and Language Steve Minervini, Amanda Minervini, Amanda
GS234/GS234 Introduction to African Cinema: Subsaharan African Cultures through Film/The Cinema of Francophone North Africa Steve Wade, Ibrahima O'Riley, Michael
RE200 Topics in Religion: Lost Christianities Steve Reaves,Pam  Premawardhana, Devaka
TH/DA100 Ritual, Theatre and Performance Steve Lindblade, Tom Platt, Ryan

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