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Librarians Assigned to FYE Courses: Fall 2017

Course Number Course Title Professor(s) Librarian
Fall Introduction to Art History Victoria Ehrlich Steve Lawson
AH112 Human/Being Krista Fish & Mario Montano Shelley Harper
AN100 Studies in Organismal Biology and Ecology: Loving it to death - Ecology & Human Impacts in the Rocky Mountain West Emilie Gray Lesley Mackie
BE100 Myth, Gender, and Metamorphosis Marcia Dobson & Sanjaya Thakur Kayla Lenkner
CL118 Elementary Chinese Fanny Zhang & David Gardiner Daryl Stevens
CN101 Introduction to Comparative Literature Lisa Hughes & Corinne Scheiner Steve Lawson
CO100 Introductory Topics in Economics and Business: Decision Making Christina Rader McKinley Sielaff
EC110 Teaching and Learning Across Communities Manya Whitaker Diane Westerfield
ED250 Tradition and Change: The Art of Satire from Horace to the Daily Show Jared Richman Steve Lawson
EN203 Slow Food in a Fast-Food Nation Tyler Cornelius & Dario Sponchiado Jeremy Nelson
FG110 Introduction to Feminist and Gender Studies Heidi Lewis & Naomi Wood Sarah Bogard
FM101 Introduction to Film Scott Krzych & Dylan Nelson Steve Lawson
GR120 Monsters, Robots, and Cyborgs: The Inhuman, Almost Human, and Post-human in German Literature and Film Christiane Steckenbiller & Chet Lisiecki Diane Westerfield 
GS101 Freedom and Authority Richard Buxton & Tim Fuller Jeremy Nelson
GS101 Consolations: Philosophy, Literature, and History Gresham Riley & Carol Neel Shelley Harper
GS101 Freedom and Authority: The Western Political Tradition in Critical Perspective Yogesh Chandrani Shelley Harper
GS222 Creativity and Logic Ryan Banagale & Daniel Johnson Jeremy Nelson
GS234 Subsaharan African Cultures through Film Ibrahima Wade & Michael O'Riley Sarah Bogard
GY140 Introduction to Physical Geology Jeff Noblett Lesley Mackie
HY104 Culture, Society, and History: The Mediterranean Susan Ashley Shelley Harper
HY200 Topics in History: The Search for Islamic Order Bob Lee Shelley Harper
ITL320 European History through Film and Literature Amanda Minervini Diane Westerfield
MB109 Microbiology and Cellular Biophysics Kristine Lang & Phoebe Lostroh Lesley Mackie
MB130 Viruses: Mathematical Modeling of Epidemics Ralph Bertrand & David Brown Lesley Mackie
MU182 Emotion and Meaning in Music Michael Grace & Ofer Ben-Amots Daryl Stevens
PC123 Scientific Revolutions Shane Burns Lesley Mackie
PH203 Nature in East Asian Traditions of Thought Marion Hourdequin & Joan Ericson Steve Lawson
PS116 Political Economy from Ancient to Modern Times Tim Fuller & John Gould Kayla Lenkner & McKinley Sielaff
PS150 Fundamental Debates on the Common Good Eve Grace Kayla Lenkner & McKinley Sielaff
RM282 Power, Place, and Protest in the West Dwanna Robertson & Amy Kohut Kayla Lenkner & Shelley Harper
RS200 Russia: Language, Literature, and Film Natalia Khan & Alexei Pavlenko Daryl Stevens
SO100 Thinking Sociologically Gail Murphy-Geiss Diane Westerfield
SW175 The Southwest: An Introducation Santiago Guerra Jessy Randall
TH100 Ritual, Theatre and Performance Tom Lindblade & Ryan Platt Steve Lawson
ED250 Topics in Education: Foundations of Inquiry Learning Mike Taber & Howard Drossman Diane Westerfield
GY100 In Extinction's Embrace: A Geological Standpoint on Climate Nonfiction Christine Siddoway Lesley Mackie

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