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Librarians Assigned to FYE Courses: Fall 2014

Course Number Librarian Course Title Faculty, block 1 Faculty, block 2
AH114 Steve Lawson Art East and West Bentley Tucker
AN102/AN243 Mimi Wheatwind Intro to Cultural Anthropology and Material Culture/Hispanic Folklore of the Southwest Montano Montano
BY100/BY131 Rebecca Harner Introduction to Human Genetics/Cell Biology R. Bertrand/J. Bertrand J. Bertrand/R. Bertrand
CH107/CH100 Rebecca Harner General Chemistry I/Kitchen Chemistry Vaghoo/Daugherty Vaghoo/Daugherty
CL115/GS101 Jessy Randall Introduction to Classical Literature and Archaelogy/Ancient Freedom and Authority Dobson Thakur
CN101/CN250 Lisa Lister Elementary Chinese (I)/ Chinese Language and Culture Jiang Jiang
CO100 Steve Lawson Introduction to Comparative Literature Scheiner Scheiner
EN 203 Steve Lawson Tradition and Change in Literature: All in the Family Carlstrom Dubreuil
EN 280/ED 250 Steve Lawson Tales out of School/The Aims of Education:Theories and Representations of Education and Schooling Dubreuil Freeman
EN203/CO200 Steve Lawson Tradition and Change in Literature: The Nature of Comedy/ History of Comedy-Theory of Comedy Hughes Butte
EN280/EN280 Steve Lawson Shakespeare/Modern Drama Hayward Carlstrom
EN280/ES280 Diane Westerfield and Mimi Wheatwind Encountering India: Where the Twain Shall Meet?-Topics in Lit/Topics in Race & Ethnic Stud. Singh Singh
FG110/206 Mimi Wheatwind Intro to Feminist Gender Studies/Women and the Body Lewis Olive
FS215/FM102 Steve Lawson Intro to Film Studies/Basic Filmmaking Krzych Haskell
GR121/GR101 Rebecca Harner German Fairy Tales: Language, Literature, and Culture Lim Lim
GS 101 Mimi Wheatwind Freedom & Authority: Freedom From What? For what? On Whose Authority? Steck Steck
GS 234 Diane Westerfield Introduction to African Cinema/Introduction to West African Literatures and Cultures Wade Mariètou Mbaye
GS101 Mimi Wheatwind Freedom and Authority McEnnerney McEnnerney
GY140/GY150 Rebecca Harner Introduction to Physical Geology/Environmental Geology Noblett Noblett
HS120 Steve Lawson and Mimi Wheatwind Renaissance Culture Evitt/Tucker Ashley/M. Grace
HY105 (FE 105) Mimi Wheatwind Civilization in the West: Beasts, Books, and Human Beings Neel Neel
HY109/PA111 Lisa Lister Civilization in East Asia: Hero! Outlaws, Order and Honor in East Asian Society and Culture Williams Williams
JA130/JA101 Lisa Lister Japanese Culture/Japanese Language Ericson Ericson
MA151 Jeremy Nelson The World of Numbers: From Euclid to the Information Age Taylor James
MU182 Daryll Stevens Emotion and Meaning in Music Grace Banagale
PC123/PC124 Rebecca Harner Scientific Revolutions Whitten DiCenzo
PH201 Jeremy Nelson History of Modern Philosophy Hernandez-Lemus Hernandez-Lemus
PS101/MU227 McKinley Sielaff Sielaff and Daryll Stevens Great Ideas in Politics and Music Cronin, Tom Cronin, Tania
PS150 McKinley Sielaff Sielaff Fundamental Debates on the Common Good E. Grace E.Grace
PS203/HY 200 McKinley Sielaff Sielaff The Search for Islamic Order: Yesterday and Today Lee Lee
PY101 Rebecca Harner Introduction to Psychology: Enduring Ideas and Present Principles Erdal Roberts
SO100/SO235 Diane Westerfield Thinking Sociologically/Sociology of the Family Murphy-Geiss Murphy-Geiss
SW175 Lisa Lister The Southwest: An Introduction Guerra Guerra
TH/DA100 Steve Lawson Ritual, Theatre, Performance Lindblade Platt

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