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Introduction to Library and Computing Services for New and Visiting Faculty

Library Services

Welcome to Colorado College. This guide will introduce you to the services and staff of Tutt Library. More information on any of these topics may be found on the library’s web pages at, where you will also find links to TIGER, the library’s online catalog, and to the Seay Music Library, located in Packard Hall. JoAnn Jacoby is the Library Director, and she can be reached at, or by calling 389-6070.

Liaison Librarians

Each academic department or program has a liaison librarian. We encourage you to contact your liaison librarian as you begin planning your CC courses. Your liaison librarian will:

  • Help you assess library collections and electronic resources to support your courses or research.
  • Help identify and order materials to support student research for your class.
  • Provide customized instruction sessions on library resources and research methods for your classes.
  • Help you structure research assignments for the Block Plan.
  • Give you an individual tour and orientation to the library.
  • Set up accounts and provide training in ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan) and RefWorks (personal bibliographic software).
  • Assist in your own research.
  • Help you stay current in your field through journal contents alert services.

Please consult the Tutt Library web site under Library Services for Faculty for a current list of liaisons by academic department.

If you are unable to reach your liaison librarian, please call the Research Desk at 389-6662.

Instruction Program

First Year Experience Classes: An important goal of the First Year Experience is to introduce students to the academic library and the research process. Each FYE course will have an assigned librarian who can help you in planning the library component of your course. If you are teaching an FYE course and have not been contacted by a librarian yet, please contact Shelley Harper (Email, 389-6857). The FYE page on the library’s web page has tips for assignments and more information about this program.

All Other Classes: If you are making an assignment in any class that requires library research, call your liaison librarian to schedule an instruction session. The library has two electronic classrooms where students can gain hands-on experience with library databases and get a start on their research. You will find a link to a guide to research assignments on the Block Plan called Focusing on Assignments: Engaging Students in Library Research on the Library Services for Faculty page.

Ordering Library Materials for Your Courses

There is a form available on the library web page to Request a Purchase. Your liaison librarian can help you evaluate library collections and electronic resources that are available to support your courses or research. More detailed information on acquisitions policies may also be found on the Library Services for Faculty page. In brief:

Book Requests: The library does not purchase required texts for courses. These should be ordered through the Bookstore. Supplemental readings for reserves or student research projects will be ordered. Please indicate Priority A if you are ordering for a course. Please supply a “needed by” block # or date. The library will treat as RUSH any item needed in less than 8 weeks. Each RUSH order is a unique situation, dependent on the publisher, provenance, availability etc., but the Order Department will make every effort to acquire RUSH materials in a timely manner.

Audio/Visual Materials: The library purchases audio-visual materials for use in classes. All videos and DVDs are cataloged in TIGER. You may use the Request Purchase form on the web page to order DVDs or videos to use in your class, or send order information directly to Chris Curcio (Email). Please include as much information as possible, including title, language, publisher, director, and date. Please also include vendor website or catalog information if you have this information. Supply us with a “needed by” date and/or block number or indicate if time is not an issue. If you wish the title to be placed on reserve please note on the order request. Any request needed in less than four weeks will be considered a “RUSH.”

Music CD’s and DVD’s should be requested through the Music Library. Contact Daryll Stevens (Email, 389-6126).

Journal and Database Subscriptions: Because subscriptions represent an ongoing commitment of library funds, requests are reviewed by the library’s Collection Development Group periodically and ordered if collection criteria are met and funds available. Please consult with your liaison librarian.

Course Readings: Coursepaks, Canvas, and Print Reserves

Faculty have several options for distributing class readings. Required texts should be ordered through the CC Bookstore. For collections of readings, the Bookstore will handle the production and copyright clearance for Coursepaks. (contact the Bookstore at 389-6794.)

Coursepaks: We RECOMMEND Coursepaks as the best option, as there are many advantages:

  • Students buy their readings as they do other required texts. No time is wasted on printing.
  • Students pay the printing costs for required readings without the library and ITS having to invest in an expensive pay-for-print system. This will allow us to continue to offer free printing in the library and computer labs for research and academic work.
  • Copyright permissions are handled by the Bookstore. If you put substantial portions of a copyrighted work on PROWL without permission, you may be in violation of current copyright law and you are individually liable.

Canvas ( CANVAS is the new learning management system (LMS) that replaced PROWL. Contact Jennifer Golightly ( for training or questions. Also the Canvas support line at 1-855-740-0505 is available 24/7 as is their chat line, which is under Help once you login to Canvas from the Single Sign-In system.

Print and A/V Reserves: The library will also place books, videos, DVD’s and other materials on reserve for your course at the Circulation Desk, including personal copies that you want to make available to your class. Materials obtained through Interlibrary Loan or Prospector may NOT be placed on reserve due to copyright restrictions. Reserve material is kept behind the Circulation Desk and is not a browsing collection. Unless you specify differently, items may be checked out for 3 hours for use in the library.

Please let the Circulation Department know if you plan to use a video we own in a class, so that we can be sure it is available when you need it. Videos circulate to the CC community. For Library Reserves, contact the Circulation Department at 389-6189.

The library has viewing stations for individual students and small groups but no classroom to show videos and DVD’s. Audio-Visual equipment for your classroom must be scheduled through the AV Department of Information Technology Services. For AV Services, contact Dan Wiencek ( or 389-6378).

Borrowing Materials from Tutt Library

Your CC ID is called the Gold Card and this is also your library card. Please bring your Gold Card to the library to activate your account. If you need to borrow materials or use other Tutt library services (like Interlibrary Loan) before you are issued a Gold Card by the Human Resources Department, we will issue you a temporary card. Please contact LeDreka Davis (Email, 389-6659).

Faculty loan rules are outlined on the library web page under Borrowing Policy for CC Faculty. In brief, books circulate to faculty for six months, with one renewal allowed. All loans are subject to recall after two weeks. Loan periods for videos and DVD’s are more restricted. Faculty members are not charged fines for overdue items, but will be charged replacement costs for books that are not returned within the terms of the policy.

For visitors, your library privileges will run until the last block you are teaching, and due dates for checked out items will be adjusted accordingly.

Prospector and Interlibrary Loan

Colorado College is a member of Prospector, a shared catalog and expedited interlibrary loan system of major Colorado academic and public libraries. You will find a link to Prospector on the library web page; you will also find a link on the TIGER catalog. If you search for something in TIGER and do not find it, you can click on the Prospector link to search the union catalog. With a valid TIGER number, you can place requests for Prospector materials yourself. Prospector materials are delivered via courier and typically arrive within 2-5 days.

Tutt Library also uses traditional Interlibrary Loan and commercial document delivery services to acquire materials for users. The rich collections of the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago are available through Interlibrary Loan. ILLiad software is used to manage ILL services – you will need to register online to use the service. Contact Jennifer Kremyar, ILL Coordinator (Email, 389- 6664).

Computing Services

Welcome to Colorado College! This information sheet contains basic information you will need about computing at CC. More information about many computing services can be found at


Your network account (including email) will be created automatically once all your paperwork is turned in to Human Resources and they have entered you in the system as an active employee. The details will be emailed to your supervisor and/or the staff assistant in your department.

Note that if you would like to use our online learning management system, Canvas, for your classes, you will need to log in with a CC network account.

Loaner Computers

Colorado College can provide you with a loaner computer for up to 1 block. If you would like a loaner computer, please contact the ITS: Solutions Center at x6449 to request one.

Connecting Personal Laptops to the Campus Network

You are welcome to use your personal computer on our network, though in order to keep our network secure you will need to go through a brief registration process before it will have open access to the Internet. Registration scans your computer to ensure it has virus protection (for both Macs and PCs), and you’ll need to use your CC account information to complete the process.

You can register your computer yourself – use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to an active network port, open a web browser, and follow the instructions that appear in your browser window. More information about connecting is available at

The ITS: Solutions Center will be happy to assist you with registration – visit them on the first floor of Tutt Library with your laptop and power cable.

Instructional Technology in the Classroom

If you are thinking about having your students build web sites, publish a magazine or online newspaper, do a digital video project, or work with specialized software, or if you want to reserve a public computer lab, set up a course website in Canvas, or have other ideas for using technology in your teaching, please contact the ITS: Solutions Center (, 389-6449). The ITS: Solutions Center will connect you with the most appropriate instructional technologist, who will work with you to ensure that the computer hardware, software, and other resources you may need are available to you when and where you need them.

Smart Classrooms

If you need a computer attached to a data projector and will be using it for most days of your class, a smart classroom may be the answer. Please ask your department chair to submit a request for a smart classroom to the Registrar’s Office.

Equipment Checkout from Audio/Visual Services

If you need a data projector and laptop for only a couple of class sessions, contact Audio-Visual Services at 389-6378. Depending on availability, they provide short-term (from a few days up to a block) checkout of data projectors and laptop computers. Be aware that there is a lot of demand for this equipment, and it may not be available if you wait until the last minute. It is best to get your reservation in early.

Public Computer Labs

If both you and your students need to use a computer during class time, there are three publicly available computer teaching spaces available on campus:

  • Keck Mac Lab – Armstrong 303, 3rd floor
  • Barnes PC Lab – Barnes 203, 2nd floor (ground level)
  • Palmer 2 PC Lab – Palmer 2, 1st floor (sub-basement)

For information about the hardware and software available in each of these labs, or to schedule a class session in one of these venues, contact the ITS: Solutions Center (, 389-6449).

Software Availability in Public Computer Labs

We provide a number of software packages in our public lab computers. To find out if a lab has the software that you need, please contact the ITS: Solutions Center. If you need software that we don’t have installed, please talk with colleagues in your department about the solutions that they utilize, or please contact the ITS: Solutions Center for further consultation with an instructional technologist. Please note that if the College does not already own a license for the software, your department will have to identify funding and provide adequate lead time for getting the software procured and installed.

Contact Us

Circulation: (719) 389-6184
or email circulation
Research Desk: (719) 389-6662
or email research
Interlibrary Loan: (719) 389-6664
or email ILL